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Suggestions for glass joint-grease that won't get stuck after vacuum distillations?
[img] ...
7-8-2020 at 09:56
by: dawt
IUPAC or common name
Well, as food chemists most of my colleagues refer to even the longer chain carboxylic acids by thei ...
5-8-2020 at 05:05
by: dawt
Solubility in two immiscible solvents?
[rquote=641571&tid=155879&author=Fyndium]If we have a substance that is dissolved in a polar ...
27-7-2020 at 20:27
by: dawt
plastic coated glass
You can easily do this yourself. I like dissolving old PVC tubing in THF until it reaches a sirupy c ...
18-7-2020 at 16:02
by: dawt
European Sulfuric Acid Ban
Does the number have the same benefits in Germany ...
15-7-2020 at 22:18
by: dawt
How long can I store ethyl bromide in a mason jar at room temperature?
[rquote=637527&tid=155516&author=Cou]i a ...
15-7-2020 at 12:18
by: dawt
Problem using Chloroacetyl Chloride
You should be using a drying tube if you want gasses to get out without letting water vapour in. You ...
11-7-2020 at 23:49
by: dawt
Amazing fluorescent precipitate of copper(I) with propargyl alcohol
Outstanding! I had noticed something similar during my thesis when I attempted a Cu(I) catalyzed cli ...
7-7-2020 at 21:17
by: dawt
Where to get a short path destillation head in Germany?
The German term is Mikrodestille or Kurzwegdestille. There's nothing currently on eBay, but they do ...
30-6-2020 at 10:01
by: dawt
Effect of impure reagents on reactions?
In some cases impurities also improve the reaction:

At first, we attempted the decarboxy ...
23-6-2020 at 22:37
by: dawt
Forbidden Knowledge!
[rquote=639042&tid=155647&author=morganbw]Even Uncle Festers books are a point in our journe ...
23-6-2020 at 11:40
by: dawt
Forbidden Knowledge!
Some don't use the exactly same name though... l ...
23-6-2020 at 07:39
by: dawt
Latest chemical order?
I did the same thing a couple of months ago. I lat ...
22-6-2020 at 22:12
by: dawt
Anyone know of good video's that demonstrate suck back during distillation?
[rquote=638790&tid=155621&author=draculic acid69]Generally suckback isn't an issue with dist ...
20-6-2020 at 22:08
by: dawt
How is acetaldehyde even shipped?
I remember severe quality loss of few my glass bottles with formaldehyde

That' ...
20-6-2020 at 02:38
by: dawt
Best place to get glassware in Germany?
Some people have been moving to chinese vendors, but I find them lacking. At least on eBay and Aliex ...
19-6-2020 at 10:56
by: dawt
How is acetaldehyde even shipped?
Mine came in a regular 250 mL brown glass bottle, and it's survived several summers like that outsid ...
19-6-2020 at 02:36
by: dawt
Chinese rotavaps?
The only thing superior is the speed. Separation is terrible, which is why it's basically only used ...
15-6-2020 at 11:35
by: dawt
Vacuum and fractional distillation
16 mmHg = 0.63 inHg, which corresponds to around -29.3 inHg on your manometer, as it displays the pr ...
15-6-2020 at 11:02
by: dawt
Chinese rotavaps?
I absolutely second getting some quality used gear. Not sure where you're located, but complete and ...
15-6-2020 at 09:47
by: dawt
Nitrate salt sources
Those ingredients aren't actually the ingredients, but the elements (Nitrogen, Calcium, Magnesium, S ...
15-6-2020 at 09:40
by: dawt
White residue from reaction of sodium hydroxide and silica gel
Sounds like you got yourself some sodium silicates. If they don't dissolve in water I don't think th ...
26-5-2020 at 08:56
by: dawt
Salicylic acid methylation?
[rquote=636756&tid=155453&author=Pumukli]Is it a bit more complicated than "dissolve the sal ...
24-5-2020 at 11:34
by: dawt
Most toxic compound OTC?

I gave botox a little research, seems like ...
23-5-2020 at 23:24
by: dawt
Buying chemicals in Poland "OTC"
[rquote=636196&tid=152908&author=Tellurium]Just curious: When did you send your email?[/rquo ...
17-5-2020 at 06:50
by: dawt
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