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Expensive chemicals
You can make buckyballs by passing an electric arc between 2 graphite electrodes in an inert atmosph ...
14-11-2011 at 09:29
by: drago57
Need some help about α-Bromination
Are you excluding light from your reactions? Bear in mind even a fluorescent strip light will be eno ...
16-9-2011 at 22:41
by: drago57
Dichloromethane ?
Now, during my recent refresher course the lab manual ...
13-9-2011 at 22:08
by: drago57
Shop-made supercritical CO2 chamber
I've been using supercritical/liquid CO2 most days for the last 4 years for my PhD project. I wouldn ...
12-9-2011 at 22:14
by: drago57
Item identification
Awesome, a bit of American bashing. Nothing like it to help ingratiate a fellow with a new crowd

4-9-2011 at 06:18
by: drago57
dry vacuum column chromatography

Has anyone here tried dry vacuum column ...
3-9-2011 at 23:25
by: drago57
drying EtBr for grignard
You could pass it through a short plug of alumina if you've got that to hand.

But depending on ex ...
2-9-2011 at 07:36
by: drago57
8-Methoxycaffeine synthesis
Draco57, thanks for the info :) That caffeine deriv ...
27-8-2011 at 22:52
by: drago57
8-Methoxycaffeine synthesis
That chlorination should work well enough. Recrystallise from DCM/hexane according to "Water Science ...
26-8-2011 at 12:21
by: drago57
aniline hydrochloride -->aniline
I've worked a fair bit with aniline for my project. It does go very dark brown, even opaque black if ...
23-8-2011 at 22:49
by: drago57
Calls Prince Charles a "snakeoil salesman" forced to retire

His issue is little better . . .

[/rquot ...
21-8-2011 at 22:01
by: drago57
Preparation of Bromine

In a 250mL beaker place 50mL of wat ...
20-8-2011 at 22:56
by: drago57
Very exothermic rxn: bromine & pyridine
First thing; if you're trying to generate radicals from Br2, no need for UV light. An incandescent o ...
19-8-2011 at 12:40
by: drago57

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