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Had an acciedent.......
All acids will eat through a lot more than you expect. I only trust LDPE and even not that far now. ...
16-9-2009 at 03:59
by: edmo
One EM to rule them all...
I think RDX is the generally preferred energetic among the explosives community. I don't know of an ...
10-8-2009 at 02:58
by: edmo
RDX synthesis
bwah ha ha. i heard it was super easy via Hexamine to HDN and then to RDX.
10-8-2009 at 02:51
by: edmo
PETN synth
of course C4 via hexamine is easy.

PETN is relevant because it's a LOT easier to initiate. So ...
10-8-2009 at 02:37
by: edmo
Had an acciedent.......
My HNO3 is eating away at the plastic cap. Acids are so hungry. :)
10-8-2009 at 02:33
by: edmo
problem with time travel
The atomic particles aren't concerned with the orbit of the earth and they travel faster/slower thro ...
14-9-2008 at 23:45
by: edmo

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