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Construction of an inexpensive adjustable speed magnetic stirrer
Fantastic project and write-up ElizabethGreene. :thumbs-up:
I've considered something like this on ...
25-7-2013 at 22:05
by: enhzflep
Concentrated Hydrogen Peroxide in Australia
I've bought the stuff that nux vomica linked to (OxyPlus - 50%) about 5 or 6 years ago from a hydrop ...
24-7-2013 at 00:37
by: enhzflep
Exploding HV consumer capacitors to initiate secondary explosives?
Never tried to det secondaries with it, though I was amazed at the effect when 350v is dumped into s ...
18-6-2011 at 22:43
by: enhzflep
7-zip Problem
It's easy to change the language (when you've the luxury of reading it in your native tongue).
Yo ...
8-7-2008 at 03:58
by: enhzflep
Unconventional Shaped Charges

(goes to get reading glasses and 1/2 eaten plate of humble pie)
Sorry about that HM ...
21-11-2007 at 17:29
by: enhzflep
Unconventional Shaped Charges
Ha, ha - nice one HMTD.
Spent several hours looking for an ACE unpacker??!

If you're serious, an ...
21-11-2007 at 03:57
by: enhzflep
How to predict the detonation velocity of explosives comprised the Phosphorus elements?
@ Vulture

What you meant sir, is "a lot" - it's two words, not one. If you'd checked to ensur ...
13-8-2007 at 07:55
by: enhzflep
"organic dye"???
At a guess I'd say they're aniline dyes.

They're certainly what's used in commercial smoke comps ...
8-7-2007 at 11:10
by: enhzflep
A mould material for tin casting - brainstorming!
When we do lost-wax investment casting of silver or gold, we use a plaster that contains silica. The ...
3-6-2007 at 18:23
by: enhzflep
Pewter patina?
Couldv'e sworn I had a section in one of my books on just this topic. No matter, I've just found a p ...
18-5-2007 at 07:22
by: enhzflep
Unconventional Shaped Charges
Yes indeed Sir, I have used these very things in the past. US$50 is a VERY good price. We used to pa ...
13-5-2007 at 23:08
by: enhzflep
Acetic anhydride pondering
Sauron, sending the PDF file to your email addr as I type. Enjoy!

8-5-2007 at 04:25
by: enhzflep
Acetic anhydride pondering

Don't right click the link then choose save as..

Just left click it then the server wi ...
7-5-2007 at 21:09
by: enhzflep
Hydrogen Cylinders
Jewellers also use it for soldering platinum. You can use it with an oxy tank and not have to worry ...
1-5-2007 at 17:23
by: enhzflep
What’s the average age?
Nearly 30.

Always loved chemistry from the first contact with it.

Got especially turned on to ...
9-4-2007 at 17:04
by: enhzflep
What Complete BS is this?
Man, get off the acid-trips or the speed or whatever it is. Use a little logic Nerro. What is to be ...
10-1-2007 at 06:19
by: enhzflep
Quick question
To get more horsepower out of your car you can really advance the timing quite a bit. The obvious pr ...
3-1-2007 at 17:11
by: enhzflep
Fish euthanasia
Huh? There's a pair of points you've clearly missed evil.

Firstly, nerve impulses travel in the h ...
31-12-2006 at 15:55
by: enhzflep
Overloading a 1/4 watt resister
Well I still reckon you can't go past ordinary graphite powder mixed with nitrocellulose laquer. I u ...
23-12-2006 at 16:02
by: enhzflep
Victim of political correctness
He was indeed pantone. A rather.. ah, pleasant fellow to deal with by most accounts.
He's got some ...
12-12-2006 at 13:48
by: enhzflep
Concentrate ethanol?
Firstly, isn't that % about the range of the azeotrope?

Second, why would you bother? You're addi ...
7-12-2006 at 18:14
by: enhzflep
more frightening privacy stuff

"So you think your pc is yours alone, well then try this.
In Windo ...
4-12-2006 at 20:23
by: enhzflep
more frightening privacy stuff
And on a similar note, albeit a rather old but effective trick.

If any of you ever have the polic ...
3-12-2006 at 22:07
by: enhzflep
No more Providone Iodine over the counter?
I thought I'd just post just in case I was less clear than I thought, and my rather caustic words at ...
3-12-2006 at 09:17
by: enhzflep
No more Providone Iodine over the counter?
[quote][i]Originally posted by YT2095[/i]
Surely these druggies were onto a loser from the start fi ...
2-12-2006 at 23:10
by: enhzflep
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