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Calcium carbonate?
This is just buffered aspirin. The calcium carbonate acts to maintain a specific pH range in the st ...
5-4-2006 at 11:40
by: fizzy
microwave modifications
You might be able to use the signal strength indicator on a WiFi equiped laptop as a measure of leak ...
18-1-2006 at 05:55
by: fizzy
Cleaning Glassware
This site recommends KOH or NaOH in alcohol.

16-12-2005 at 09:58
by: fizzy
Go back to your first thought
"Industrial Fermentations" by Paul Allen, c. 1926 (available here, I think, from the ftp o ...
13-4-2005 at 07:33
by: fizzy
Poll: What is YOUR level of education??
Physics Professor
30-3-2005 at 05:41
by: fizzy
Back to your regularly scheduled topic
I found the following at a forum dedicated to discussing the book 1632 (SciFi: a small town in W. Vi ...
29-3-2005 at 03:56
by: fizzy
"Corelle ware" crucibles?
I seem to remember that Corning Corelle ware is basically fused silica that has been allowed to do s ...
24-3-2005 at 17:51
by: fizzy

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