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Dissolving Molybdenum in hypochlorite bleach
Assuming Mo can only reach +6, your 2nd eqn is wrong. Sodium molybdate is Na2MoO4.
29-8-2023 at 07:19
by: fusso
Help with crystallising monopotassium glutamate
Or, just use it as is, since you're just gonna taste it? Water solution shouldn't have different tas ...
7-8-2023 at 08:17
by: fusso
OTC Cadaverine and Putrescine
[rquote=686076&tid=14426&author=SplendidAcylation][rquote=685966&tid=14426&author=ka ...
27-7-2023 at 21:51
by: fusso
Proposed posting convention for dealing with AI
Or start a new subforum dedicated to roasting AI answers? Just mentioning, it may not have enough po ...
13-7-2023 at 10:19
by: fusso
Nitroethane from ethanol
[rquote=685641&tid=159717&author=Grizli7]As for the applicability of neural networks to synt ...
12-7-2023 at 20:51
by: fusso
Everyday Chemistry
[quote]Edit by Texium: Changed title because the "one true thread" will likely never reappear, unfor ...
15-6-2023 at 19:26
by: fusso
Why was this site unconnectable a few hours ago?
5-6-2023 at 06:30
by: fusso
Fume hood for sale, PRICE REDUCED: $300 (Utah, local pick up only)
Did you also ask local schools, universities and companies? I think they're more willing to buy it.
31-5-2023 at 08:18
by: fusso
Solubility Chart
Unfortunately, ligma ballsdrich's chart has quite some mistakes making it look unprofessional. Densi ...
28-5-2023 at 21:30
by: fusso
Mystery oxidizer labeled as KNO3
Could it be a mixture mostly of something volatile with a little K?
26-3-2023 at 01:00
by: fusso
Mystery oxidizer labeled as KNO3
Didn't you also heated it and found it dec into all gasses without residue? Do K2S2O8 do that too?
23-3-2023 at 20:39
by: fusso
Dissolving Ir and IrO2 to Hexachloroiridate
How even could AR exist at 200C?!:o

[Edited on 230318 by fusso]
18-3-2023 at 00:27
by: fusso
Solubility of copper sulphate compared to its pentahydrate
Why "Solubility is supposed to be measured as grams per liter of solvent rather than grams per liter ...
12-3-2023 at 09:26
by: fusso
Solubility of copper sulphate compared to its pentahydrate
Snailsattack, I think you forgot to include the extra volume when calculating solubility.
12-3-2023 at 08:33
by: fusso
The trouble with neodymium...
Quick update: I finally converted all insoluble Fe(II) oxalate into soluble ferrioxalate(III) and fi ...
22-8-2022 at 03:26
by: fusso
Sticky Situation
4way tie...coincidence? I feel like it's made intentionally...:P(I didnt vote)

[Edited on 220318 by ...
17-3-2022 at 19:16
by: fusso
What does your periodic table look like? (collection)
[rquote=665683&tid=157966&author=Bedlasky]If you are rich, you can buy Tc sample from Oxymet ...
27-9-2021 at 10:26
by: fusso
I regret not oxidising all Fe2+ to Fe3+ before oxalating Nd
so i diss the Nd magnets in HCl, filtered NiCu coatings and B, then left it aside under foodwrap for ...
30-7-2021 at 05:11
by: fusso
Long term experiment: does this make chlorosulfonic acid?
did u mark the liquid level? also putting the vial horizontally can increase the phase boundary area ...
29-7-2021 at 22:45
by: fusso
request for a cracked ver of chemdraw
yea i know but i dun care
9-6-2021 at 19:01
by: fusso
3 phase liquid column
im not the crea ...
24-5-2021 at 00:15
by: fusso
Electrolysis Chamber
u use heating element as electrode?! wont that become very hot and melt things around it?!

[Edited ...
16-5-2021 at 21:24
by: fusso
What is this metal?
[rquote=659398&tid=157392&author=DraconicAcid]Zinc can be passivated and not react with acid ...
5-5-2021 at 00:18
by: fusso
Attempt to make molten lead from oxalate
[rquote=655382&tid=157073&author=unionised]How much of the lead do you plan to inhale?[/rquo ...
22-2-2021 at 21:51
by: fusso
Attempt to make molten lead from oxalate
1. the rxn between lead oxide/carbonate & reductant is done to death
2. the exp can be single-c ...
22-2-2021 at 07:01
by: fusso
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