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Synthetikal is down, again
Synthetikal is down again.
23-8-2005 at 05:57
by: hAzzBEEn
Damn, I thought you did it Primathon
I assumed you were responsible, primathon.

Maybe the server was already paid for this month, an ...
1-8-2005 at 11:51
by: hAzzBEEn
No... not the only non-teenager
[quote]Am I the only not-teenager here?[/quote]
27-7-2005 at 04:07
by: hAzzBEEn
question about ethanol synthesis
Polyethylene doesn't depolymerize. Quote from [url= ...
26-7-2005 at 11:47
by: hAzzBEEn
dead yeast?
[quote]From my home brewing experience, by the time the fermentationis nearly over, the yeast settle ...
26-7-2005 at 07:56
by: hAzzBEEn
.. is it real?
I also saw the [i]Law & Order[/i] episode the original poster (Edward Elric) saw. IIRC, they di ...
26-7-2005 at 07:35
by: hAzzBEEn
...many were willing to contribute
BTW, many synthetikal members were willing to contribute money. A secure private mechanism for doin ...
26-7-2005 at 04:56
by: hAzzBEEn
my two cents
After following the [i]drama[/i] a bit, I am certain primathon and synthetika are NOT the same entit ...
25-7-2005 at 04:54
by: hAzzBEEn
...but, but... the poem
I can't believe you edited out the touching poem (sarcasm). It was a true work of art, and lit ...
23-7-2005 at 11:58
by: hAzzBEEn
95% ethanol + plastic
From [url=][/url]:
[quote][b]Plastic[/b] ...
22-7-2005 at 13:23
by: hAzzBEEn
Purification of denatured alcohol
Yes, I have also read about this shortcut. I think the shortcut is used by most home distillers. I ...
22-7-2005 at 07:50
by: hAzzBEEn
Methanol removal... moonshiners
I've read in distillation (moonshine) literature that methanol is removed from "mash" ...
22-7-2005 at 07:24
by: hAzzBEEn
LEA admin access? Why?
What would be the benefit of LEA admin access to the Syn board? I was to beleive that IP's wer ...
21-7-2005 at 04:18
by: hAzzBEEn
Synthetikal is DEAD... as of TODAY
Synthetikal is completely dead, now. The site exceeded its bandwidth before it was shut down.

I ...
20-7-2005 at 08:17
by: hAzzBEEn

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