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Carbon tetrachloride from tetrachloroethylene and chlorine?
C2F6 -> 2 .CF3
2 .CF3 + Xe -> Xe(CF3)2

which is an unstable, waxy solid.
2-2-2018 at 17:02
by: halogen
Synthesis of Oxygen Absorbing Crystal (from cobalt)
In general yes: in the case with benzyl chloride very little primary amine is produced; the secondar ...
23-1-2018 at 01:11
by: halogen
Synthesis of Oxygen Absorbing Crystal (from cobalt)
2-methyl pyridine is also known by picoline; it is a industrial bypriduct.

Boffis, why didn't yo ...
21-1-2018 at 15:21
by: halogen
Solubility of Vanadium compounds in sulfuric acid
Now I don't want to be like Socrates here, and, by asking questions, reveal what may seem to be igno ...
13-1-2018 at 17:35
by: halogen
Na2CO3 + charcoal makes Sodium revisited
The hazard of the process was indeed that black byproduct. Possibly only potassium intercalcated gra ...
9-9-2017 at 06:13
by: halogen
Easy pyridine synth. found in a paper, does it work?
you might have more luck than with that crazy glycerol method by heating hot enough so that it decar ...
7-7-2017 at 19:29
by: halogen
Capsazepine Synthesis
That occurred to me. Actually, looking into it the O than the C seems more likely to be alkylated... ...
9-6-2017 at 07:23
by: halogen
Capsazepine Synthesis
Azetidine might be an ideal way to introduce the C3 segment on to catechol, directly. Thereupon reac ...
8-6-2017 at 19:19
by: halogen
Birch reduction of tribenzylaluminium?
I too thought there'd be immediate reduction to benzyl sodium and aluminum. If two of us imagined it ...
22-5-2017 at 14:27
by: halogen
Cyanoacrylate (Superglue) production/synthesis - possible for home chemist?
Glue! I wonder if glue expressed from the devil's hoofs themselves has an activity of superglue. It ...
13-5-2017 at 23:30
by: halogen
Funny thing in Mellor
In the supplement on the halogens, apparently TNT is soluble in chlorine trifluoride.

No joke!!
22-4-2017 at 16:31
by: halogen
What exactly is the reaction between methylene chloride and aluminum?
Olefiant gas was't that the name given to ethylene? A bromine water decolorization is a simple test ...
14-4-2017 at 17:28
by: halogen
Troubles with making Boron Nitride
You DO have urea. Now-a-days messing around with urine would be considered a sign of insanity, howev ...
4-4-2017 at 19:47
by: halogen
Goverment possibly tainting Hydrogen Perxoide to stop TATP, HMTD, DADP, MEKP.
it's an asshole thing to do, or it would be: Hydrogen peroxide is already unstable and requires stab ...
4-4-2017 at 18:56
by: halogen
Hydroquinone from p-DCB
[quote]The chlorine atoms on the p-DCB are not reactive enough to undergo this substitution. Somethi ...
3-1-2017 at 16:02
by: halogen
Thoughts On Anodes ...
29-11-2016 at 13:14
by: halogen
Propofol Problems
TLC my foot. You're not looking to optimize and squeeze out extra percent yield. Simply extracting a ...
11-11-2016 at 15:09
by: halogen
Benzvalene derivatives
Dry ic allows -70 C and dimethyl ether is not an uncommon aerosol propellant. I think it would be n ...
13-9-2016 at 06:51
by: halogen
Kero-Klean VANILLA
Outcome? What can be expected to be present other than methyl alc.? It is the only toxic one claimed ...
11-9-2016 at 13:33
by: halogen
Ligands derived from niacin?
28-8-2016 at 14:04
by: halogen
Ligands derived from niacin?
Cyclopropane is combined by radical reaction with nitrogen dioxide to form 1,3-dinitro n-propane. 1, ...
28-8-2016 at 09:39
by: halogen
Science is magic
To moderate the force of the expansion you might want the molar ratio to differ from 1 to 1.
24-8-2016 at 07:35
by: halogen
Help with 2,2'-bisthiazole
The old method is vapor volume versus molecular mass. If you can vaporize the stuff...?

That doe ...
15-8-2016 at 18:20
by: halogen
Niacin from nicotine?
31-7-2016 at 15:06
by: halogen
Calcium carbonate solution
I believe it's a geological experiment.
11-7-2016 at 19:34
by: halogen
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