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cant be real
[quote] Wow, you brought Nazis into this. Godwin's Law

I wouldn't apply this 'law' here ...
28-10-2009 at 14:38
by: hectic
Glassware Imperfections?
Throughout my years of collecting chemistry glassware I've ocassionally seen lines similar to, but n ...
15-7-2009 at 15:11
by: hectic
Underground Gadgets & Chemical Supply
Cracker - Briefly looking thru your catalog, I've already noticed a few packaging errors:

-Chloro ...
20-1-2009 at 09:06
by: hectic
Feeling like a kid in a candy store... I'm officially in biz.
I read thru this thread last night, and noticed the posts abruptly stopped in August of last year. ...
22-4-2008 at 11:51
by: hectic
Storage of pyridine?
Since HDPE is resistant to Py, he could use a glass bottle with a polyseal cone lined cap. I believ ...
10-4-2008 at 14:30
by: hectic
Department of Homeland Security proposing anti-terror regs worse than anything DEA ever dreamt about...
What is germane doing on there? It's tetrafluoride is on there as well.
23-2-2008 at 20:33
by: hectic

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