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Growing Synthetic Corundums (Ruby)
I'm a silversmith and gemologist as a day job. Why bother you can buy a cut and polished flux grown ...
9-7-2023 at 11:36
by: highpower48
What is soldering iron tip refresher?
Not sure since I've never used it. But it sounds like a mixture of tin and borax.
11-1-2023 at 10:07
by: highpower48
microscope slide crystals - mounting medium
Yes it does harden between glass, been using it for years as a mount. I believe evaporation.
29-7-2022 at 13:27
by: highpower48
microscope slide crystals - mounting medium
Sally Hansom clear - harder than nails
28-7-2022 at 14:47
by: highpower48
Replacing the inner sleeve on a heating mantle
Should just be a couple of screws holding on the top. There are only two wires on the replacement t ...
11-7-2022 at 13:34
by: highpower48
DIY gasket for buchner funnels
Should be able buy on Amazon. That's where I got my 2 sets less than $10.00 each.
8-3-2022 at 09:38
by: highpower48
Copper Hydroxide
I was making some Copper Hydroxide using Nile Reds method. At 1st the wet in beaker participate was ...
11-7-2021 at 11:28
by: highpower48
Making sodium citrate
Was making sodium citrate yesterday and using citric acid and sodium carbonate, when boiling to dryn ...
14-6-2021 at 09:13
by: highpower48
Ammonium Acetate, what went wrong
Made some ammonium acetate by naturalizing 10% ammonia with white vinegar. Boiled from 1000ml to aro ...
1-5-2021 at 15:32
by: highpower48
Extracting lead and tin from solder.
How about removing the 1% silver from lead free solder, which is 99% tin and 1% silver.
7-1-2021 at 09:53
by: highpower48
Iodine did not precipitate from Potassium Iodide? (HCL+ H2O2)
Two things...1st are you positive its Potassium iodine
2nd use concentrated hydrochloric acid
14-11-2020 at 07:48
by: highpower48
Lab and insects
My lab is in my garage its 25 by 25feet. I use a section 12 by 12 foot as a lab. Built in 8 ft by 2 ...
9-7-2020 at 14:49
by: highpower48
DIY Heating mantle
I use a Variac to power mine...
18-5-2020 at 09:06
by: highpower48
Ghetto Nitric Acid
Well gave this a try today. 101g of Potassium Nitrate 20 ml water and 35 ml Sulfuric Acid. Mixed wa ...
15-4-2020 at 14:04
by: highpower48
Ghetto Nitric Acid
[rquote=634067&tid=155175&author=arkoma]pray tell what you filter it through? A $30 chinese ...
14-4-2020 at 15:20
by: highpower48
Ghetto Nitric Acid
Has anyone made what I call Ghetto Nitric Acid? It's made just by mixing a proper amount of Potassiu ...
14-4-2020 at 14:29
by: highpower48
Magpie has died
That is so sad. I still use his Nitric Acid synthesis post for my method for making it. May he rest ...
13-12-2019 at 09:18
by: highpower48
Heating mantle blew up WTF!!!!!
Best just to get a Variac and be done with it. This will also a allow you to buy cheap mantel heatin ...
22-7-2019 at 08:44
by: highpower48
Drano uses?
Soap making
9-6-2019 at 07:08
by: highpower48
DIY Heating Mantle (How To Build It)
I've built 3 of these now a 100ml, 250ml and a 500ml. Used glass wool on all three. At first it doe ...
18-1-2019 at 11:11
by: highpower48
I need help with optoisolators. . .
Buck Converter comes to mind.
16-12-2018 at 09:38
by: highpower48
Lights flickering when hotplaet goes through heating cycle - anything I can do to stop this?
Had same issue with a laser printer and hot air rework station. Solution was to run a shorter 20amp ...
17-11-2018 at 10:26
by: highpower48
Spam reporting idea
I belong to a lot of groups. Most of them moderate and need to approve new member posts for a say t ...
4-10-2018 at 08:29
by: highpower48
Latest chemical order?
[rquote=535843&tid=9890&author=happyfooddance][rquote=531072&tid=9890&author=highpow ...
16-9-2018 at 07:13
by: highpower48
We need a sticky thread about starter experiments for newbies
Anyway to pull the previous threads into one post under a different title such as Experiments for th ...
14-9-2018 at 08:06
by: highpower48
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