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Tired of reporting spam
It must have been a bad couple of days on the spam. I disappear for a 36 hours and return to this:
19-7-2018 at 01:47
by: j_sum1
Transition metal nitrites
[rquote=524068&tid=84821&author=XeonTheMGPony]Why do you do this???????????????????????????? ...
15-7-2018 at 14:52
by: j_sum1
Synthesising 1,4 Dioxane
Thanks for that Xeon. I haven't read the whole thing but it is fascinating thus far. Separation of L ...
15-7-2018 at 05:11
by: j_sum1
Synthesising 1,4 Dioxane
I did not measure reagents accurately so don't know the yield.
I am limited to a 500mL rbf for heat ...
15-7-2018 at 03:33
by: j_sum1
Synthesising 1,4 Dioxane
Thanks MM.
I have been doing the same thing the past couple of days. Again following Nurdrage prett ...
15-7-2018 at 01:54
by: j_sum1
email notifications not working
As far as I know, that feature has never worked. I might be wrong though.
I used to have my SM set ...
14-7-2018 at 16:30
by: j_sum1
What bacteria do I have?
[quote]Originally posted by Ubya
ok you must be a troll or a very stupid kind of guy.
this sure is ...
14-7-2018 at 04:08
by: j_sum1
Making magnesium powder or bits for sodium hydroxide reduction
Turnings would be the traditional route. Do you have access to a lathe or drill press?

How brittl ...
14-7-2018 at 01:13
by: j_sum1
What is this mystery compound?
I started off with an unknown substance and did a large number of things to it and still don't know ...
13-7-2018 at 22:21
by: j_sum1
Everyday Chemistry (provisional)
Back in the lab after a bit of absence. Preoccupied with -- well, life stuff.

Huge pile of dirty ...
13-7-2018 at 17:55
by: j_sum1
D.I.Y. Silicone Stoppers/Bungs ?
I have three or four of these at present. Different products. I deliberately left them open after th ...
12-7-2018 at 02:44
by: j_sum1
Life after detonation
Thanks for highlighting that JohnDoe13. This is not the kind of thing we want on the board.

copp ...
10-7-2018 at 21:02
by: j_sum1
Red solution from gold processing, WTF is it ?
That's my guess also. It is pretty cool.
You can actually get different shades if you can change th ...
10-7-2018 at 04:50
by: j_sum1
Looking for Long Chain Alcohols or Ketones
I don't think any of these qualify as long chain.
You did not specify what application you want the ...
8-7-2018 at 22:48
by: j_sum1
Last chemical order?
5L of ethylene glycol antifreeze. Now I can make some dioxane and then try out some sodium preparat ...
4-7-2018 at 18:10
by: j_sum1
Well, if anything there represents a project that you want to take on, then you might ask if you can ...
4-7-2018 at 00:41
by: j_sum1
Invisible sodium
There is at least one other thread. Possibly two. I will merge them later.

Molten NaOH was the co ...
29-6-2018 at 23:46
by: j_sum1
West Australians?
WA is a huge place. Local in that context realistically means "probably closer than 2000km but maybe ...
29-6-2018 at 03:25
by: j_sum1
Relocating labs ? Any experiences?
Fully. Label. Everything.

If nothing else you will thank yourself when it comes to sorting everyt ...
25-6-2018 at 16:52
by: j_sum1
Relocating labs ? Any experiences?
Not sure I have much relavent to say. I did shift my lab but my circumstances were a lot diff ...
25-6-2018 at 01:56
by: j_sum1
Tutorial: Cure Hay Fever and all Allergies, Sinusitis, diseases permanently, by removing cause
PHDChemist, I am really sorry that you took the time to write this.
24-6-2018 at 17:12
by: j_sum1
Quick test to detect copper traces
I hope it works. Persuading your neighbour I mean -- not the Cu test.
People can be funny about th ...
24-6-2018 at 03:47
by: j_sum1
Quick test to detect copper traces
I think "traces of copper in water" implies that it is dissolved. There is not anything visible the ...
23-6-2018 at 16:12
by: j_sum1
Quick test to detect copper traces
My first thought would be to add a drop to a test tube of concentrated ammonia solution. If Cu2+ is ...
23-6-2018 at 15:27
by: j_sum1
joined a while back want to say hello
Ah. So you are another OTC junkie. :)
23-6-2018 at 03:03
by: j_sum1
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