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Uses of kitty litter in the amateur lab
Well there are all kinds of kitty litter.

I bought a bag once because it was the most convenient ...
21-3-2018 at 02:49
by: j_sum1
Iodine crystals from Lugols solution
I composed a reply yesterday but it glitched.

My recommendation having done this recently

1. M ...
20-3-2018 at 23:49
by: j_sum1
ppa from benz and l-alanine in microwave
This looks like cookery - amphetamines in a microwave.
20-3-2018 at 16:45
by: j_sum1
Ok. This was marginal to begin with and no it is going nowhere.
20-3-2018 at 16:41
by: j_sum1
More on PbO2 electrodes
Surprised no one has commented yet markx. This is impressive work. If they test out ok under use the ...
20-3-2018 at 04:25
by: j_sum1
Exotic Powerful oxidizers list
I am not sure what this list is for. Or what exactly quaslifies as exotic.

But I am going to add ...
20-3-2018 at 03:52
by: j_sum1
Tour My Lab
I think I am more jealous of the fume hood than the rotovap. But that might be because I have never ...
19-3-2018 at 01:43
by: j_sum1
How make "A-Oil" from P2P ??? Help...
Drug cookery.
18-3-2018 at 13:18
by: j_sum1
Is a 200mm liebig condenser long enough?
I wish I had a 200mm or even 150mm. I have a 300 which is often more than what is required. I also h ...
17-3-2018 at 20:02
by: j_sum1
SM Kemistry Skool
Nice Melgar. Some new stuff for me there. I had not associated plant lipid saturation with climate b ...
16-3-2018 at 19:00
by: j_sum1
How to trigger reaction in closed vacuum jar ?
Cody of Cody's Lab fame has been doing quite a bit recently using a vacuum chamber. I have seem him ...
15-3-2018 at 04:22
by: j_sum1
Password recovery
Send a U2U to Bert, woelen or Polverone. They alone have the power to help you. I'd go for Bert fir ...
15-3-2018 at 03:53
by: j_sum1
Best method to make potassium dichromate from stainless steel
You are the first of many recent newcomers who asks qu ...
15-3-2018 at 03:21
by: j_sum1
Can anyone guess the chemicals used in this experiment
Post content. Include links if you wish.
Just don't post what ammounts to an ad without content.

15-3-2018 at 02:38
by: j_sum1
Stephen Hawking Dies
We have not just lost a great scientist and one of the world's great thinkers, we have lost a scienc ...
14-3-2018 at 21:53
by: j_sum1
Can anyone guess the chemicals used in this experiment
Consider also that you may be driving away potential viewers and subscribers.

I also am a NewTube ...
14-3-2018 at 21:48
by: j_sum1
How much solution is required to react

The trick with these I tell my students is to make good headings. This helps you to ...
13-3-2018 at 18:35
by: j_sum1
Iodine recovery and storage issues.
I have just spent some time in the lab processing mixed iodine waste including wet elemental iodine, ...
13-3-2018 at 18:19
by: j_sum1
Grant Thompson "King of Random" charged with possesion of explosive materials
[rquote=510525&tid=79868&author=The jersey rebel]Hey, I’m back. So, I am ...
etc.[/rquote ...
13-3-2018 at 17:43
by: j_sum1
Hi and welcome to SM.

I am not sure what your question is here or the relevance of the thread tit ...
13-3-2018 at 02:05
by: j_sum1
Radiation detector test sources.
Click the <preview post> button after typing a message. This opens up a space where yo ...
11-3-2018 at 04:17
by: j_sum1
Source of potassium permanganate in Eastern Europe
I think that finding MnSO4 at a reasonable ...
11-3-2018 at 03:49
by: j_sum1
Radiation detector test sources.
Why not upload to the thread?
11-3-2018 at 03:23
by: j_sum1
Radiation detector test sources.
This sounds really interesting. Do you have some pictures you can show?

I am wondering if th ...
11-3-2018 at 02:15
by: j_sum1
Help for a young scientist
[rquote=510152&tid=81001&author=diddi]elliephant what country are you in[/rquote]
She said ...
11-3-2018 at 01:32
by: j_sum1
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