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Can we travel back in time really?
@MrHomeScientist - At this point in my life I would say I am distrustful, generally, regardless of s ...
9-4-2019 at 21:09
by: jack44556677
Dessicant vessel from sealed stainless containers?
Did you end up giving this a go? How'd it work out?

I wish I had more experience to speak of myse ...
9-4-2019 at 13:16
by: jack44556677
Cyanoacrylate (Superglue) production/synthesis - possible for home chemist?
It would be cool if someone could supply the procedure for synthesis...

Short of that, I was very ...
9-4-2019 at 11:34
by: jack44556677
Water Aspiration Food Dehydration
Hey! I'm thinking the same thing, re using an aspirator pump to freeze dry if possible!

It seems ...
8-4-2019 at 22:39
by: jack44556677
Everything you wanted to know about Aspirator "pumps" but were afraid to ask
Hey All!

I've been lurking for a little while now, and am excited to greet you all in my first to ...
15-3-2019 at 03:08
by: jack44556677
Can we travel back in time really?
Definitely a physics question.... I've been musing on this for a long time. Below is the idea of a p ...
15-3-2019 at 02:59
by: jack44556677
@ OP
I couldn't find his books / words, but I think I've found the process.

https://www.sciencemadness ...
24-1-2019 at 21:25
by: jack44556677

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