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Pathways to phenethyl alcohol
Do a grignard with halobenzene on ethylene oxide to get phenethyl alcohol in one step. Should be fai ...
28-5-2019 at 04:51
by: laserlisa
Advise on noorotropic supplements and legal organic intermediates to synthesis/make and sell through small business.
Where are you located? Some countries unfortunately have laws that makes endeavours such as this mor ...
8-5-2019 at 23:17
by: laserlisa
New chemicals for sale !
Always a plesure doing business with Mario. Great service.
20-4-2019 at 01:21
by: laserlisa
Zolpidem impurity
You can amidate the carboxylic acid directly using a petide coupling reagent.
13-4-2019 at 03:56
by: laserlisa
Myristicinaldehyde preparation (using dichloromethane)
Really nice writeup. Thanks for sharing.

Did you make the 5-hydroxyvanillin yourself? Im interest ...
3-4-2019 at 02:47
by: laserlisa
Reduction of substituted 2-phenylnitroethenes to 2-phenylnitroethanes with NaBH4 - Maybe the greatest way to make tar

However, the thread linked above by ...
10-11-2018 at 02:19
by: laserlisa
Reduction of substituted 2-phenylnitroethenes to 2-phenylnitroethanes with NaBH4 - Maybe the greatest way to make tar
[rquote=550754&tid=80555&author=stoichiometric_steve][rquote=550661&tid=80555&author ...
8-11-2018 at 11:22
by: laserlisa
Reduce cinnamaldehyde to hydrocinnamaldehyde
To avoid messing around too much with protection groups etc, Id reduce it all the way to the alcohol ...
30-11-2017 at 10:42
by: laserlisa
Automatic glassware cleaner concept
"How do large rich labs like the ones at pharmaceutical companies clean their glassware?"

I think ...
24-8-2017 at 02:28
by: laserlisa
Seek medical attention.
21-6-2017 at 06:16
by: laserlisa
New chemicals for sale !
I can vouch for mario. He's the best.
9-6-2017 at 12:00
by: laserlisa
Hg/Al Reductive Amination w/Ammonia - Not Viable?
I dont know if your procedure is likely to work but usually when making primary amines by reductive ...
9-6-2017 at 11:58
by: laserlisa
Re-usability and practical experience with nickel boride reductions.
NaBH4 and Nickel boride will reduce nitroalkenes to aminoalkanes. I think there are some successfull ...
2-6-2017 at 23:08
by: laserlisa
Secondary amine to alkane?
That Wurtz-Fittig looks really cool. ( ) ...
22-5-2017 at 03:02
by: laserlisa
Stopping spam by banning .com and slashes together in post titles
Or... Why not implement a proper modern captcha for registration of new accounts?
18-5-2017 at 04:53
by: laserlisa
Coolant spray for controlling reaction temperature
Thanks for the advice guys.
I really like the idea of immersing a glass coil into the reaction and ...
17-5-2017 at 23:44
by: laserlisa
Coolant spray for controlling reaction temperature
Im attempting to run an exothermic reaction where temperature control is vital for success due to on ...
17-5-2017 at 03:37
by: laserlisa
I can order chemicals from acros or sigma-aldrich for you !!
Where do you ship from?
4-5-2017 at 23:05
by: laserlisa
Looking to buy arsenic for Paris Green synthesis
Onyxmet has it.
6-4-2017 at 22:06
by: laserlisa
differences and similarities between LiAlH4 and NaBH4
So you want to make tryptamines by the "Speeter Anthony" route?

Then you need to recude amides, a ...
16-3-2017 at 23:08
by: laserlisa
Meth discussion split from "How do you decide what to synthesize?"
But Walt got enantiomerically pure D-methamphetamine if Im not mistaken, running an enantiospecific ...
7-3-2017 at 10:00
by: laserlisa
Issue making mercuric chloride...
Sorry but this wont answer your question, but if I understand correctly mercury wont react with aq H ...
6-3-2017 at 10:16
by: laserlisa
The density of my Trisodium Phosphate from a supplier is way off... possible reasons?
You cant really measure density of a solid like that can you? Unless you grow a uniform crystal of i ...
12-2-2017 at 01:53
by: laserlisa
alpha-iodo propiophenone
NBS in acetonitrile with TsOH as catalyst is reliable and high yieldning for alpha-bromination imo.
25-1-2017 at 00:11
by: laserlisa
The Short Questions Thread (4)
[rquote=471573&tid=25055&author=laserlisa]I want to dry K2CO3 for use in a phenolic alkylati ...
16-1-2017 at 03:12
by: laserlisa
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