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Rosco Bodine provided a copy of a paper wherein the authors simply state that approx. 11 ml of H2SO4 ...
17-6-2006 at 15:04
by: leopard
DPPP synthesis ?
About 3 months before reading Matsumoto Hideki's posts I was dabblling with DPPP also and as my ...
22-12-2004 at 17:02
by: leopard
Birkeland-Eyde reactor for making nitric acid.
Axehandle this subject is also discussed in another thread "Alternative Method for HNO3 Synthes ...
14-2-2004 at 06:13
by: leopard
ethylene glycol
Polverone I did an MSDS search of several brands of anti-freeze a while back and found that the more ...
11-2-2004 at 16:32
by: leopard
everything ols is new
Yes this method of NO2 production works, as witnessed by the large facility operated at Niagara Fall ...
22-10-2003 at 16:49
by: leopard
MEKP question
I made MEKP for my first time using the instructions in this thread. 50ml of 25% h2o2, 25ml of MEK, ...
9-9-2003 at 17:19
by: leopard
are ratios critical?
Sorry to jump into this thread but since it deals with one of the peroxides I felt it was okay. I ma ...
1-8-2003 at 06:10
by: leopard
cumene, cumol, isopropylbenzene....
Please forgive my misuse of this forum but I took a look at "todays posts" and saw one abo ...
10-7-2003 at 08:55
by: leopard
Nitric acid
I make my Nitric Acid using H2SO4 + KNO3 (equal proportions by weight) but my yield seems very low. ...
8-5-2003 at 13:02
by: leopard
Nitric acid stills
I too have made nitric acid using h2so4 and kno3 using a 500ml flask, glass tubing and a cast lead s ...
20-1-2003 at 08:22
by: leopard
Ammonium Nitrate compound
xoo1246 is right the patent I refered to is 4,746,380. As for Glycine it is available from many of t ...
15-11-2002 at 11:12
by: leopard
Ammonium Nitrate compound

I have dabbled in many of the sciences all my life including explosives. I have made many explosiv ...
14-11-2002 at 17:41
by: leopard

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