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Ethyl Oleate
I have a Question about Ethyl Oleate or (oleic acid ethyl ester) (Oleic acid ethyl ester) same same
25-3-2006 at 20:35
by: madchem
Stirrer Problem
Il give yopu my 2 cents.
I dont know this bibby brand but if its like cornings and fisher plates i ...
25-3-2006 at 20:16
by: madchem
Drying Agents
Here is something which is on topic and could help people chosing drying agents when working in the ...
25-3-2006 at 20:04
by: madchem
auto-ignition temperature
only thing is that White phosphorous is pretty toxic, dont mess with it
25-3-2006 at 19:41
by: madchem
Zinc reduction for 2C-H from nitrostyrene
Sunlight was a wicked chemist and contributed Immensely to the Hive so props to him and props
to yo ...
25-3-2006 at 19:16
by: madchem
Old methylamine synth request
Baalchem was allways bosting his massive yields
before the hive went down i had been going there f ...
25-3-2006 at 19:02
by: madchem
temp. ?!?!?!
Your methanol is too cold (I believe this is you major prob)
Re try it with your methanol between 0 ...
25-3-2006 at 18:43
by: madchem

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