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Goodbye to S2− in aqueous solution
[rquote=511454&tid=81370&author=Joeychemist] Would be nice to read the article in it's entir ...
20-3-2018 at 15:54
by: mayko
Determination of HCl-concentration without titration (idea)
Titration is a volumetric technique; what's described here is a gravimetric one :cool:
17-3-2018 at 06:49
by: mayko
Determination of HCl-concentration without titration (idea)
My copy of Merck lists a (presumably saturated) solution of sodium carbonate as having a pH of ~11.6 ...
16-3-2018 at 14:55
by: mayko
Hydrothermal reactor
take a look at some of the posts from user chironex: ...
14-3-2018 at 18:49
by: mayko
How to trigger reaction in closed vacuum jar ?
Freeze the glycerine, then let it melt once the vacuum's pulled?
14-3-2018 at 14:49
by: mayko
Split from "Religion thought as science"
what the fuck
25-2-2018 at 14:58
by: mayko
What is the point of amateur chemistry?
[rquote=508356&tid=80722&author=Texium (zts16)]What is the point of anything?[/rquote]

[ ...
23-2-2018 at 13:24
by: mayko
Olive Trees
RNA by itself isn't infectious, and is somewhat fragile in ambient conditions.

The infectious uni ...
20-2-2018 at 20:21
by: mayko
Olive Trees
Coincidentally, we read an article about phage therapy at this week's journal club. This looked at t ...
16-2-2018 at 11:02
by: mayko
Copper Citrate
To confirm the hydration state, 0.50 g copper citrat ...
10-2-2018 at 23:22
by: mayko
Please replace your passwords-
[quote]Two days earlier he has received a desperate phone call from Jacopo Belbo, his colleague at a ...
7-2-2018 at 18:15
by: mayko
Nutrition, Cobalt Content and Sustainability of Glycine max in Martian Soil Analog for Colonization - A Three Year Study
Congrats! Do you have a version of the final draft you'd want to upload?
26-1-2018 at 15:22
by: mayko
Growing Crystals in Gels
I tried to dissolve away the gel by keeping it submerged and changing the water daily. This seemed t ...
17-1-2018 at 11:33
by: mayko
The system has failed to process your request.

You may be trying to upload a file from within an a ...
12-1-2018 at 08:52
by: mayko
What can fluorine explode with?
[rquote=502737&tid=79515&author=GrayGhost-]Fluorine most electronegative element with Cesium ...
5-1-2018 at 17:20
by: mayko
Fe oxalate complexes
I've made some ammonia complexes of misc. transition metal oxalates. Iron oxalate seems to be very p ...
2-1-2018 at 08:12
by: mayko
Everyday Chemistry
Took my first shot at pulling lithium out of batteries today; 1 of the two was a success :)
the ot ...
1-1-2018 at 18:13
by: mayko
Preparation of PCl5
A hobbyist I follow on twitter reported success with a simpler arrangement (no gas dying, no chlorin ...
31-12-2017 at 19:24
by: mayko
Chemistry Video Software.
Has anyone tried out the Pro version of Lightworks? I was thinking about upgrading, but on visiting ...
28-12-2017 at 09:19
by: mayko
AN in cold packs - don't trust the ingredient list
Does the residue dissolve in fresh water? (ie, is it actually insoluble, or just oversaturated?)

28-12-2017 at 08:04
by: mayko
Industrial level chemical refining
How is/are phosphorous compounds dealt with indus ...
27-12-2017 at 11:21
by: mayko
KMnO4 crystals
I got these trying to purify some grungy eBay koi treatmen; there might have been some minor decomp ...
18-12-2017 at 21:00
by: mayko
can anyone describe the smell of hbr or hydrobromic acid?
[rquote=499513&tid=78729&author=Leafs]Google describes it as acrid, but that is kinda open t ...
5-12-2017 at 17:17
by: mayko
Nutrition, Cobalt Content and Sustainability of Glycine max in Martian Soil Analog for Colonization - A Three Year Study
Overall it's a pretty cool project!

A few things I noticed, with different degrees of nitpickine ...
3-12-2017 at 16:17
by: mayko
Practical Glass Chemistry & DIY Photochromic Glass
I haven't seen much posted here about the material science of glass, so this might be interesting. I ...
30-11-2017 at 16:29
by: mayko
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