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Fun with wool?? Ideas???
Experiment with dyes and mordants? ...
6-10-2023 at 07:48
by: mayko
Finding small amounts of Plutonium or U235?
this fellow seems like a reputable vendor

26-9-2023 at 20:27
by: mayko
Has any chemical/pharmaceutical company sued each other before?
There's been a similar fight over who owns the IP rights to CRISPR gene editing:

https://www.scie ...
22-9-2023 at 06:51
by: mayko
Everyday Chemistry
I'd never done a vacuum distillation before so I tried cleaning up a small amount of benzaldehyde th ...
15-9-2023 at 20:13
by: mayko
The mad chemist's guide to mushroom hunting
A few weeks ago I went out in the woods with a friend who's an experienced shroomer. We found severa ...
27-8-2023 at 17:19
by: mayko
Stellate Crystals - A Morphologic Study
I remember watching ascorbic acid crystallizing from isopropyl alcohol through a microscope. Crystal ...
22-8-2023 at 06:23
by: mayko
Benzotriazole and derivatives
I did the limonene -> carvone synthesis a while back and I saved samples of the intermediates. I ...
18-8-2023 at 18:49
by: mayko
The Short Questions Thread (4)
In Ignition!, John Clark mentions a short-lived project which investigated dimethyl mercury as a roc ...
10-8-2023 at 15:13
by: mayko
Everyday Chemistry
I got my hands on some iodates/periodates and have been running through some of the experiments on w ...
10-8-2023 at 06:35
by: mayko
Are you guys using ChatGPT
[url= ...
9-8-2023 at 17:25
by: mayko
Purple Haze (Moscow Version)
twice in as many days!


Iodine cause of pink smoke at Portland waste faci ...
5-8-2023 at 08:44
by: mayko
The First Room-Temperature Ambient-Pressure Superconductor
What's the big deal? I thought room-temperature superconductors were a solved problem:

https://ar ...
3-8-2023 at 14:43
by: mayko
Your weirdest chemical that's gotten moldy?
honorable mention: some ammonium phosphate solution

tied for first: these crudlings, surviving in ...
24-7-2023 at 15:19
by: mayko
Novel Ketene synthesis - First time poster, long time reader
Whether it could be a useful preparation I don't know, but this supports ketene as a decomposition p ...
13-7-2023 at 20:16
by: mayko
Chemical computers/Chemical electronic devices

If you haven't run across the Journal of Unconventional Computing or Adam Adamatzky, you might l ...
8-7-2023 at 18:18
by: mayko
Big mistake when collecting Baltic amber
Another such case: ...
5-7-2023 at 10:56
by: mayko
Are you guys using ChatGPT
There's a riddle I've always remembered, partly because of how foolish I felt at being stumped, when ...
1-7-2023 at 08:22
by: mayko
Everyday Chemistry
[i]Edit by Texium: Changed title because the "one true thread" will likely never reappear, ...
15-6-2023 at 18:31
by: mayko
MOED synthesis (Brooker's merocyanin)
Minch, M. J., & Shah, S. S. (1977). Merocyanin dye preparation for the introductory organic labo ...
23-5-2023 at 06:45
by: mayko
Everyday Chemistry
I have some of the [url=]gr ...
7-5-2023 at 19:15
by: mayko
Metallic citrates
There's this thread on copper citrate: ...
6-5-2023 at 14:44
by: mayko
Tetrasulfur Tetranitride
I just ran across this, which elaborates on the selenium analog and gives a short blurb about the te ...
6-5-2023 at 07:53
by: mayko
Are plastics really difficult to recycle ?
One cool idea I've seen recently is projects like this one, where plastic bottles are processed into ...
28-4-2023 at 06:51
by: mayko
Thiourea Dioxide --> better than borohydride?
interesting preprint:

Basoccu, F., Cuccu, F., Caboni, P., Luca, L. de, & Porcheddu, A. (2023 ...
24-4-2023 at 17:13
by: mayko
Watched precursors now being sold on ebay
There was a point when there were *prepackaged kits of P2NP and mercury amalgalm* on eBay for cheap. ...
24-3-2023 at 17:32
by: mayko
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