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seperation of cobalt and copper
What about thiocyanate? My understanding is that the cobalt complex is soluble in organic solvents; ...
25-1-2020 at 14:17
by: mayko
Voltammetric analysis of alkenes
I ran across this Arduino-based DIY potentiostat that might be a good place to start.

Li, Y. C., ...
24-1-2020 at 21:16
by: mayko
A true implosive
maybe not exactly what you're looking for, but the self-crushing soda can is a classic demo:

http ...
23-1-2020 at 14:52
by: mayko
Porno for pyros, post a good video
in the Run, Do Not Walk, To The Nearest Exit category:

A traffic accident spills cylinders of com ...
19-1-2020 at 09:50
by: mayko
2019 Secret Santa

Santa kindly left me a sturdy looking 365 nm UV LED flashlight! I've only ever used 400 nm ones, s ...
31-12-2019 at 22:36
by: mayko
Everyday Chemistry (provisional)
Currently dissolving some copper wire in dilute perchloric acid + peroxide :cool:
28-12-2019 at 20:04
by: mayko
Cody like biosphere
I ran across this youtube channel a while back, "Life in Jars", which specializes in various closed ...
14-12-2019 at 17:29
by: mayko
if you need ethanol, do you get denatured ethanol, or 190 proof everclear?
We're no longer allowed anything over 151 proof... too many young adults with bad decision-making sk ...
14-12-2019 at 08:59
by: mayko
Disappearing omega-3's
[rquote=627647&tid=154549&author=j_sum1]Food tampering never surprises me but it is not alwa ...
9-12-2019 at 17:35
by: mayko
One of the easiest scents to produce
I tried this with both sodium and calcium carbonate. The smell was pretty much what you'd expect fro ...
1-12-2019 at 21:26
by: mayko
Jute nitration failure
my attempt at nitrobacco ended similarly: ...
1-12-2019 at 08:10
by: mayko
vaginal yeast infection for nitrostyrene reduction to mescaline
I lived with a bunch of crustpunks for a while.... after a summer subsisting on little but Steel Res ...
30-11-2019 at 19:18
by: mayko
Snowfall Amounts Follow a Weibull Distribution?
Ah, this is why I asked about the bar graph.

First, as far as I can tell without context, the ba ...
24-11-2019 at 17:20
by: mayko
Snowfall Amounts Follow a Weibull Distribution?
sure thing!! (year ranges have been rounded down)


I noticed something else ...
23-11-2019 at 12:11
by: mayko
Why can't I dissolve my CuI in acetonitrile?
[rquote=626467&tid=154451&author=Fery]and here some experiments how to grow CuI crystals and ...
20-11-2019 at 08:04
by: mayko
Snowfall Amounts Follow a Weibull Distribution?
well... it's not apparent to me that snowfall is "consistent" with a Weibull distribution, because y ...
19-11-2019 at 16:04
by: mayko
It's not quite interactive, but "How To Think Like A Computer Scientist" is a friendly & accessi ...
18-11-2019 at 17:26
by: mayko
Are folks in some sort of hurry such that the forum isn't fast enough for them as it is? Like woelen ...
14-11-2019 at 06:07
by: mayko
Tried to synthesise Disodium hydrogen phosphate from red phosphorus and sodium hydroxide
The degree of protonation of phosphate is pH dependent; that's why it's often used in buffers. If yo ...
13-11-2019 at 10:17
by: mayko
DIY black light
aren't antibacterial UV bulbs are a bit more powerful & dangerous than the blacklight bulbs you ...
8-11-2019 at 07:07
by: mayko
webcam near UV-VIS-NIR spectrophotometer(proof of concept)
[rquote=625360&tid=154260&author=andy1988]Here is an [url= ...
1-11-2019 at 17:36
by: mayko
What real life mineral is the closest to minecraft redstone, except for the colour?
[rquote=624955&tid=154221&author=Ubya] a red conductive mineral? never heard of one existing ...
25-10-2019 at 14:43
by: mayko
Distilled, De-ionised or Tap water?

(I apologise for the formatting - if anyone ca ...
24-10-2019 at 04:57
by: mayko
Denominator vs numerator - getting confused on which is which
maybe this will clear things up....
9-10-2019 at 17:28
by: mayko
Chem Demo: Powders Becoming Liquids
This came from a longer handbook from University of Wisconsin cowritten by Don Showalter, the chem d ...
8-10-2019 at 16:25
by: mayko
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