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Denominator vs numerator - getting confused on which is which
maybe this will clear things up....
9-10-2019 at 17:28
by: mayko
Chem Demo: Powders Becoming Liquids
This came from a longer handbook from University of Wisconsin cowritten by Don Showalter, the chem d ...
8-10-2019 at 16:25
by: mayko
Can't see hyperlinks when using other themes
No, I don't think that this sort of cosmetic tweak is ever going to have pre-migration priority.

7-10-2019 at 15:42
by: mayko
book review: Forensic Investigation of Clandestine Laboratories

Forensic Investigation of Clandestine Laboratories
Donnell R Christian
CRC Press
https:// ...
21-9-2019 at 14:52
by: mayko
benzoic acid to benzoyl chloride ; non benzotrichloride route to hippuric acid
what is your goal here? to prepare hippuric acid? in what quantity?
14-9-2019 at 08:58
by: mayko
Igniting metals vs. flame test
My guess would be that the burning metal is hot enough that its blackbody radiation overwhelms anyth ...
11-9-2019 at 20:02
by: mayko
Feasibility of preparing copper phthalocyanine at home
Permanganate is what I've usually seen (eg, Vogel's, p520). There is also a book in the forum librar ...
6-9-2019 at 18:35
by: mayko
I burnt my copper tartrate
[rquote=621869&tid=153547&author=Arcaeca]Okay, so, proving that I learned nothing from the c ...
2-9-2019 at 07:48
by: mayko
I burnt my copper tartrate
Copper tartrate decomposes to copper metal, iirc, and probably dehydrates before that. A drop of cop ...
1-9-2019 at 05:55
by: mayko
Latest chemical order?
100g each of hydroquinone and potassium thiocyanate
24-8-2019 at 10:32
by: mayko
Plasma in microwave
I sent a lot of stuff through the microwave when I was younger. My main takeaway then was that eleme ...
24-8-2019 at 09:44
by: mayko
How do you keep your lab notebook?
[rquote=621072&tid=153272&author=Metacelsus] For data analysis I use an unholy admixture of ...
23-8-2019 at 17:42
by: mayko
How do you keep your lab notebook?
I use a bound paper notebook. A digital record is great for backups or after-the-fact writeups but I ...
22-8-2019 at 17:17
by: mayko
What caused these salt crystals to appear
now the real problem, an egg does not fit through a ...
20-8-2019 at 13:27
by: mayko
Purple Haze (Moscow Version)


17-8-2019 at 06:18
by: mayko
My sad story.Will my dream ever become real?
That sounds like a very frustrating situation. I think that the good news is that you've identified ...
16-8-2019 at 14:55
by: mayko
Does Cr from some salt displaces AL from AL2(SO4)3 ?
the electrochemical series chart you give is a little oversimplified. Something to remember is that ...
14-8-2019 at 07:21
by: mayko
The Short Questions Thread (4)
So I have heard this a few places, some easily dismissed as technobabble (eg The X-Files) and others ...
9-8-2019 at 08:18
by: mayko
Cody like biosphere
Awesome! I've been thinking about mini-ecosystems a lot recently. One thing I want to try is a Winog ...
8-8-2019 at 17:50
by: mayko
Copper Acetate
Its thermal decomposition is pretty interesting: pyrophoric copper and offgassings which can be cond ...
7-8-2019 at 15:46
by: mayko
Cyanide & other poisons strictly controlled while 990mg/ml nicotine isn't!
Transdermal absorption is an occupational safety concern for tobacco pickers. I don't know of any de ...
4-8-2019 at 17:01
by: mayko
What is phosgene/phosphine?
[rquote=619331&tid=152659&author=Yttrium2]... the Wikipedia article was suitable. I got to s ...
31-7-2019 at 09:57
by: mayko
Haloform reaction goes weird
If I had to guess, I'd say the red color is from the base-catalyzed condensation of acetone.

Sto ...
29-7-2019 at 14:13
by: mayko
Making ice in winter to cool the house in summer
Economy of scale might make it work on the level of neighborhoods/cities.... you could get Cold as a ...
28-7-2019 at 11:13
by: mayko
Reusing instant cold packs > Development of green air conditioner
Sodium sulfate is used as a thermal storage medium in a similar manner: ...
23-7-2019 at 09:03
by: mayko
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