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Isolate Mn metal from MnO2 + Al thermite
I tried it again. Now I used 1.5g Al powder and 3g MnO2 and 1.5g SiO2 as moderator. The reaction ran ...
26-3-2020 at 12:08
by: metalresearcher
Isolate Mn metal from MnO2 + Al thermite
I tried this experiment in a 2:1 MnO2 + Al stoichiometric mixture and it indeed reacted quickly. but ...
26-3-2020 at 00:08
by: metalresearcher
Removing charcoal from evaporating dish
Problem solved after three trials.

(-) The KOH in eithanol did not work, even after igniting the ...
10-1-2020 at 04:29
by: metalresearcher
Removing charcoal from evaporating dish
Recntly I made activated carbon by powdered DIY charcoal with a CaCl2 solution and dried it in a whi ...
7-1-2020 at 13:07
by: metalresearcher
Activated carbon filter in fumehood vent ?
I have a vented fumehood and mostly this is sufficient, but when I am working with noxious chemicals ...
29-12-2019 at 01:26
by: metalresearcher
Plastics recycling: why not treat waste as crude oil ?
[rquote=628623&tid=154639&author=MadHatter]I live in Maine, 1 of 10 states that have refund ...
27-12-2019 at 05:12
by: metalresearcher
Plastics recycling: why not treat waste as crude oil ?
Several articles appear in the media on plastic waste and it is so hard to dispose it off or recycle ...
27-12-2019 at 00:45
by: metalresearcher
CO is flammable, but CO2 unstable above 800 C ?
The Bouduouard equilibrium as described in worlds largest [url= ...
24-10-2019 at 09:09
by: metalresearcher
Making Potassium metal by distillation with Al and KOH
I used stabilized Al powder (3.5g) and 11g KOH of which is I guess 7-8 g real KOH, rest water.
Toda ...
15-10-2019 at 08:34
by: metalresearcher
I tried, but to no avail
I used a welded steel retort (22mm OD) attached with a gas pipe coupling to a 12mm copper tube endin ...
14-10-2019 at 10:56
by: metalresearcher
Why is there no such thing as H3NO4 ?
There is phosphoric acid H3PO4, arsenic acid H3AsO4, both from the same group as nitrogen and in oxi ...
29-9-2019 at 11:23
by: metalresearcher
KClO3 + organic fats / oils => NO reaction ?
I mixed KClO3 with candle wax or lamp oil, but when igniting or heating nothing happens, at most the ...
25-8-2019 at 04:57
by: metalresearcher
How to separate Na metal from Mg / MgO leftovers
The reaction of NaOH (drain cleaner) with Mg metal powder is very vigorous, so I do it in a metal co ...
11-8-2019 at 08:08
by: metalresearcher
Slow motion video of Flash powder rxn
I made a slow motion (960 fps = 32x slower) video with my new Sony RX100M6 camera of a reaction of 3 ...
27-5-2019 at 11:08
by: metalresearcher
Starlite as high temp insulation material ?
I found on this Youtube channel that Starlite is invented as a very high temperature resistant mater ...
28-1-2019 at 11:15
by: metalresearcher
Making CaC2 using a DC welder
I repeated an earlier esxperiment of making calcium carbide which succeeded.
I put some charcoal wi ...
24-11-2018 at 12:45
by: metalresearcher
Making elemental Si Without sulfur
Freeing elemental Si from SiO2 is not possible by just silica sand (SiO2) and aluminum powder, as th ...
7-10-2018 at 11:55
by: metalresearcher
Problems with potassium synthesis
Dry the KOH first, by heating it to 500 C in a (stainless) steel vessel for some time, e.g. half an ...
23-9-2018 at 07:35
by: metalresearcher
Does KClO3 oxidation ignition not work under vacuum ?
I tried to ignite KClO3 + sugar under vacuum (i.e. < 50 mbar) by a laser pointer.
In open air it ...
17-9-2018 at 11:55
by: metalresearcher
Doable synthesis of F2 in amateur setting?
[rquote=531874&tid=80282&author=symboom]It is a carbon anode
Here a diagram

[Edited on 2 ...
28-8-2018 at 11:26
by: metalresearcher
Solar Scorcher (fresnel lens) experiments
I made a copy of King of Random's mini solar scorcher and exposed some substances to it with nice re ...
26-8-2018 at 05:20
by: metalresearcher
Fluorine coated lenses ???
A review of (an excellent) 200mm f/2 lens of Fujifilm in dpreview ...
13-8-2018 at 10:47
by: metalresearcher
Propane tank in full sunlight: dangerous ?
I found a video which I made a few months ago of a propane tank in full sunlight at 35 C and conside ...
26-5-2018 at 23:59
by: metalresearcher
Cody's lab making of H2O2, does somebody know this ?
A rather weird process: making H2O2 wit some exotic compounds.... ...
7-4-2018 at 11:05
by: metalresearcher
Making a bucket of rust - add salts and or electrolysis?
Fe2O3 can easily be bought online for a decent price on the internet.

Making it yourself works, b ...
2-4-2018 at 02:15
by: metalresearcher
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