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Where to get a short path destillation head in Germany?
I live in the USA and much of my glassware has been bought out of country.
Perhaps extend your sear ...
29-6-2020 at 14:38
by: morganbw
Forbidden Knowledge!

I pretty much disagree with you. While making money is one aspect of it, I feel that th ...
28-6-2020 at 09:56
by: morganbw
Measuring pH
for convenience I use pH paper. I worked for 20+ years in an industrial setting where we used pH met ...
26-6-2020 at 13:59
by: morganbw
How to reduce oximes to amines?
If you search for the grains of Al, use the search term Aluminium Granules.
26-6-2020 at 05:11
by: morganbw
Forbidden Knowledge!
And thus the mention of adoption. The info is there for all, but somehow we also need to digest this ...
25-6-2020 at 13:00
by: morganbw
Forbidden Knowledge!
You may also be relieved that the simple glassware you have could suffice with some of the synths ou ...
25-6-2020 at 12:29
by: morganbw
Forbidden Knowledge!
Please listen to @ karlos^3 as he does know what he speaks of.
It is actually even better as many w ...
25-6-2020 at 12:14
by: morganbw
Retort & Stand Questions
[rquote=639041&tid=155226&author=Yttrium2]Is there any other way to support my retort?
wit ...
23-6-2020 at 13:26
by: morganbw
Effect of impure reagents on reactions?
gave you a very good example.
If you are going to ingest, please research what bad cooti ...
23-6-2020 at 13:24
by: morganbw
Forbidden Knowledge!
[rquote=639044&tid=155647&author=dawt][rquote=639042&tid=155647&author=morganbw]Even ...
23-6-2020 at 13:13
by: morganbw
Forbidden Knowledge!
Even Uncle Festers books are a point in our journey. A marker for different directions maybe, or per ...
23-6-2020 at 11:00
by: morganbw
Fisher scientific sells chemicals to residential addresses?
Just do it and post results here.
21-6-2020 at 15:10
by: morganbw
Latest chemical order?
[rquote=638828&tid=9890&author=arkoma]1 pound of zinc dust[/rquote]
I did the same thing a ...
21-6-2020 at 15:07
by: morganbw
what is your take on spending absurd amounts of money on this hobby?
[rquote=638755&tid=155612&author=Refinery]Yep. My biggest rxn have been purification and sto ...
19-6-2020 at 15:40
by: morganbw
Views on posts aren't unique
I personally think that replies are a good metric for posts. Many views with no replies does not spe ...
15-6-2020 at 09:50
by: morganbw
Making supercritical carbon dioxide extractor at home?
[rquote=638356&tid=155556&author=arkoma]Umm, may I suggest butane in a WELL ventilated area? ...
14-6-2020 at 16:06
by: morganbw
What is the cost to set up a lab or lab-like area?
[rquote=638303&tid=155580&author=Sulaiman]How long is a piece of string?

A lab to do what ...
14-6-2020 at 16:04
by: morganbw
Distillation of solvents
Are you distilling to purify? If you boil the snot out of it at full blast you are carrying along mo ...
14-6-2020 at 15:50
by: morganbw
1st hotplate stirrer
[rquote=637829&tid=155544&author=Housane]yeah ebay has none, for a good price, i need it sub ...
7-6-2020 at 12:12
by: morganbw
1st hotplate stirrer
I have always gone used with something that industry uses.
I presently am using a corning hotplate ...
7-6-2020 at 11:51
by: morganbw
How long can I store ethyl bromide in a mason jar at room temperature?
Not sure but did you look at the characteristics of this particular compound?
2-6-2020 at 15:15
by: morganbw
What type of vessel to use for MELTING NaOH or KOH at 1200C?
I am only curious on why you wish to use such a high temperature with any of these two salts.
2-6-2020 at 13:19
by: morganbw
forum market/trading section?
I guess that I may be an oddball but what is wrong with the way things have been going?
29-5-2020 at 16:13
by: morganbw
Stability of amines
Thank you Dr. Bob, I do enjoy a tidbit of wisdom.
Hopefully I will have listened.
28-5-2020 at 16:43
by: morganbw
What was the problem ?
Just a little, I feel a little sick in my stomach day.
28-5-2020 at 16:37
by: morganbw
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