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hydrazine diperoxide?
can it be done so 2H2O2+N2H4 it should wery high DV. explosive. The mono oxygen is faster, stronger ...
30-3-2004 at 09:07
by: narkar
pentaerythritol from paint
can it be done as a soap boiling?2C6H4(COO)2)(CH2)4C (pentaerythritol diphthalate)+4NaOH and XH2O. D ...
5-2-2004 at 17:19
by: narkar
Isopropyl peroxide ?
hello. i mixed 8ml h2so4 94% or 96% ,1ml glycerin 99% and 3ml h2o2 50%. reaktion time was 1-4sec. (r ...
18-12-2003 at 00:48
by: narkar
Leuckart reaction
does aybody know the synt of this ketone. C6H5CH2COCH3:D
20-11-2003 at 09:14
by: narkar

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