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uhhh uhhh
obviously im not english.
does that bother u?
12-2-2004 at 09:08
by: navarone
nitric acid from ammonium chloride?
aight fuk u guys!!
the love drug was something else.....
yes i like drugs and all the other substa ...
12-2-2004 at 07:20
by: navarone
nitric acid from ammonium chloride?
hi again ...i just made some nice ammonium chloride.
is there a way that i could transform the one ...
11-2-2004 at 07:35
by: navarone
phenylacetone synthesis?
halo people.
just recently i was wondering on how to make phenylacetone (phenyl2propanone)
i got b ...
11-2-2004 at 07:14
by: navarone
ur right...sorry
damn.....ur right....
so could i just substitute all the hydrogens with nitrate?
get the idea?
se ...
10-2-2004 at 18:10
by: navarone
opps sorry.....
what i dumass....
i should have remembered that alkanes does not react with haloge ...
10-2-2004 at 18:03
by: navarone
methyl chloride synthesis
again me far as i know alkene reakts with halogens to form a poison as 1,2 dibromoethane. ...
10-2-2004 at 17:53
by: navarone
i know some are gonna laugh about the sex...but let me tell u that sex means six in latin.
so dont ...
10-2-2004 at 17:18
by: navarone
snx synthesis (SexNitroXylene)
right gys
tnt is made by gradually nitrogenating toluene with a mix of 3\1 sulphuric acid and nitri ...
10-2-2004 at 17:15
by: navarone
thanks bromic acid
thanks...u see guy at least somebody is contributing instead of criticizing.
on this website we dis ...
9-2-2004 at 16:35
by: navarone
afrodisiac substances(horny chems)
halo bros.
i was interested on making stuff like viagra but much more powerful, to then give it to ...
9-2-2004 at 11:22
by: navarone
ammonia from ammonium chloride?
and number 2:
9-2-2004 at 03:41
by: navarone
sorry,the email got fucked up.
ill attach them.
here is number one
9-2-2004 at 03:40
by: navarone
ammonia from ammonium chloride?
sup people?
i was wondering on how to get ammnia out of ammonium chloride.or what is supposed to be ...
9-2-2004 at 03:38
by: navarone
HELP! need thionyl chloride(SOCl2) synthesis
zzup bros?
look guys....does any body of u know how to make thionyl chloride SOCl2?
i would really ...
31-1-2004 at 14:16
by: navarone
so whats in the toluene is i2 right.
so ur telling me to put a few drops of h2o2 and leave it to ev ...
31-1-2004 at 01:56
by: navarone
does this work?
oknow managed to separete the iodine from the povidone.
but i dont know which iodine is mixed up i ...
30-1-2004 at 10:05
by: navarone
vacum electrolysis
i just read of it on a chem site but it should work.
take an elenmeyer vacum container.
tap the to ...
29-1-2004 at 15:46
by: navarone
povidone is shit
hi guys im brand new here.
i also try to extract iodine from betadine.
i discovered that povidone ...
29-1-2004 at 15:28
by: navarone

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