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know synthesis of benzyl magnesium chloride?
ciao everybody.
as always...i need some help from some bigbrain.
how do i get benzylmagnesiumchlor ...
13-2-2004 at 17:31
by: navarones ghost
jag vet at jag är inte det bästa.

there so many other people here that knows chemestry better t ...
13-2-2004 at 13:53
by: navarones ghost
one more thing (for chem leo)
by the way....ive explained many times.
the viagra thing is something i did just once and i saw the ...
12-2-2004 at 18:04
by: navarones ghost
first of all i came here asking for a synthesis.
suddenly all these people just start making fun of ...
12-2-2004 at 17:49
by: navarones ghost
will distillation work?
hello everybody.

aight...iodine sublimises very easely even at room temperature.

if it does so ...
12-2-2004 at 16:52
by: navarones ghost
thanks anubis
ur right anub.

i had that idea too but i didnt consider o2 at the second reaction. ive would have ...
12-2-2004 at 16:29
by: navarones ghost

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