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Mechanism for reduction
Thanks. I did see similar reports but didn't connect that the pyridinium system was analogues to the ...
7-4-2023 at 06:56
by: njl
Mechanism for reduction
Does anyone have any insight as to how the reduction conducted in [url= ...
5-4-2023 at 15:55
by: njl
Osmium chemistry
Because he's badass
31-10-2022 at 04:00
by: njl
Azides from PEG-N3?
Well I've never heard of PEG azide and a cursory google search shows its used predictably in click c ...
29-10-2022 at 06:12
by: njl
Anyone up to ‘nanokid’ synthesis?
Stuff like this is best left to people with grant money
3-10-2022 at 07:38
by: njl
P-DDNP Synthesis using HNO³ for the diazonation
I also checked the paper and it doesn't make sense. All I can think, and I may be out of line for th ...
27-9-2022 at 05:50
by: njl
Decarboxylation of tetrasodium edta
No, even if you could easily decarb EDTA it would not yield ethylene diamine.
23-9-2022 at 08:15
by: njl
The old aspirin trick
Either way, the aspirin might be doing a couple things. One is melting and forming a protective laye ...
14-9-2022 at 16:02
by: njl
Conversion of Manganese Sulphate to Acetate
Maybe even direct reaction with sodium or calcium acetate would work although these might leave cont ...
19-7-2022 at 05:47
by: njl
Grignard Reagent Confusion
Except in the Kumada coupling, Grignard reagents do not generally react with alkyl halides so your i ...
26-4-2022 at 17:51
by: njl
Hydrazine to Hydrazone question... please and thank you
Do you mean oxidizing your existing alkyl hydrazine into a hydrazone or condensing your hydrazine wi ...
20-4-2022 at 05:29
by: njl
Attempt to make mercury iodide in hydrochloric acid
You may have formed the monoiodide (Hg2I2) which would account for the missing excess of mercury.
13-4-2022 at 04:52
by: njl
BnCl synthesis - Using anhy. CaCl2 as catalyst?
ZnCl2 is also a Lewis acid which helps with the reaction, while CaCl2 is not.
10-4-2022 at 08:47
by: njl
Benzaldehyde By Reduction Of Benzoic Acid
You mentioned earlier that you had some success with ascorbic acid, which I find hard to believe. Ho ...
23-3-2022 at 08:13
by: njl
Sodium Hypochlorite "bleach" reagent OTC
Like unionised said, cheaper is gonna be closer to what you want. Another thing to look for is pool ...
21-3-2022 at 04:09
by: njl
On the reaction of chlorogrignard reagent with o-chlorobenzonitrile
[url=]This[/url] website has a good refer ...
25-2-2022 at 08:30
by: njl
Halogenation of 4-chloroacetophenone
17-2-2022 at 10:06
by: njl
Mass-production of copper acetate from metallic copper and vinegar
[rquote=670926&tid=158369&author=DraconicAcid]Acetic acid (or any other simple acid) isn't a ...
10-2-2022 at 10:45
by: njl
Drug Database Link
It's an IBM product I doubt it's very sussy, but getting a browser extension and downloading some so ...
10-2-2022 at 08:05
by: njl
Mass-production of copper acetate from metallic copper and vinegar

I believed this for a while, because it's a very clever explanation. But it's not true, b ...
10-2-2022 at 08:03
by: njl
What happened to NileRed, NurdRage, Chemplayer and Doug?
I'm disappointed Nile Red didn't make anything himself in his most recent nileblue video :(
6-2-2022 at 17:00
by: njl
Grignard catalyst
Iodine can be added, I believe this activates the magnesium.

edit: Didn't see that, tex

[Edited ...
4-2-2022 at 11:18
by: njl
Reagent exchange Any interested parties??
I think they mean they want to exchange their powdered LiAlH4 for crystalline LiAlH4
4-1-2022 at 10:47
by: njl
Orthosilicic acid Ester
[rquote=668012&tid=158149&author=Waffles SS][align=center][img] ...
3-12-2021 at 09:08
by: njl
Dissolving Al2O3 ?
No strong acid or base attacks it.[/rquot ...
2-11-2021 at 04:45
by: njl
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