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Can somebody explain why this happens? Capacitor discharge through a piece of foil shatters a ceramic tile
[rquote=683085&tid=159460&author=Beezwax]Indeed, but what I'm offering for thought here is t ...
8-4-2023 at 16:45
by: numos
What is this?
There's probably not much inside that thing. The heating element will just be a coil of wire. There ...
6-1-2023 at 10:03
by: numos
School Science Accidient
I unfortunately have to agree with jsum. I've always kind of assumed it to be an unspoken rule that ...
23-11-2022 at 23:48
by: numos
Unfamiliar Microscope
We used to use microscopes like this for looking at crystals to see if they were viable for crystall ...
16-11-2022 at 22:00
by: numos
mild crack on 2L boiling flask, still safe?
Trash it or send it to a glassblower. It's not safe to heat anything in a flask with that big of a c ...
7-11-2022 at 18:31
by: numos
Extended length transfer needles
A friend of mine started a company selling disposable transfer needles for chemists to use with sure ...
30-10-2022 at 13:22
by: numos
How to set up trap for filtration using vacuum pump
Gas wash bottle... can be found for under $100
7-9-2022 at 13:58
by: numos
Selling to individuals would be such a small percentage of their income that it just isn't worth the ...
25-8-2022 at 17:14
by: numos
Resolving power of TLC for R/S diastereomers?
Diastereomers have different chemical reactivity/properties and can always be [i]theoretically[/i] s ...
18-8-2022 at 13:26
by: numos
Kid wants to do an experiment
The problem with this is that this closer to an actual "bomb" than you might think. A big risk I see ...
9-6-2022 at 22:37
by: numos
Why is [stabilized] toluidine usually sold with glacial acetic acid?
I think you mostly figured it out but maybe this will help anyway.

It's not usually sold in aceti ...
30-5-2022 at 21:24
by: numos
Cross couplings are easy to run - true, they are the archetype of a dump and stir reaction.

The p ...
5-4-2022 at 10:40
by: numos
I think metalation followed by nucleophilic addition or cross coupling are going to be the main mode ...
4-4-2022 at 21:16
by: numos
Can someone explain spinning band and wiped film distillation.
I'll give my two cents on this as well.

I would say whatever it is you are trying to distil via ...
30-3-2022 at 09:22
by: numos
very viscous styrene
This sounds like polymerization to me.

Styrene doesn't keep long, a few years at -20 C, less than ...
26-3-2022 at 18:41
by: numos
Is there aynywhere one could buy a reasonably small amount of Neon?
Discharge tubes are any gas filled tubes that emit light when excited, this is the most general cate ...
18-9-2021 at 23:08
by: numos
Is there aynywhere one could buy a reasonably small amount of Neon?
Have bought from these guys before:
17-9-2021 at 22:13
by: numos
diffusion pump oil diy alternative?
Not sure how easy it will be to chlorinate mineral oils, I think that stuff is mostly alkanes, you m ...
1-5-2020 at 10:06
by: numos
diffusion pump oil diy alternative?
other suggestions?[/rquote]

I think mercury is a ...
30-4-2020 at 14:37
by: numos
Some Iron carbonyl compounds
[size=2][font=Arial]Just a few iron carbonyl complexes I made for fun. Organoiron chemistry is not s ...
27-4-2020 at 12:53
by: numos
Setting up a home Schlenk system
Coppenhagen, that's a really nice design for a trap! If you can, try to get valves installed at the ...
25-4-2020 at 10:34
by: numos
unknown reaction
Would be a pretty cool reaction if it worked, but seems a little unlikely.

As soon as you add ba ...
24-4-2020 at 16:24
by: numos
2,2-bipyridine complexes
For these kinds of complexes, as well as phenanthrene type complexes, the magic solvent has always s ...
24-4-2020 at 16:08
by: numos
Fluoroform for -CF3 incorporation
I have a 10lb cylinder of fluoroform. Anyone have any interesting ideas of what to do with it?

I ...
22-4-2020 at 16:15
by: numos
Help with lecture bottles?
I thought it was a temperature thing as well, but heating it to 40C had no effect. It should have a ...
19-4-2020 at 22:16
by: numos
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