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DIY Bacteria culture/algae Incubator
If you insulate the unit well enough, it does not require a lot of energy.

Perhaps you can start ...
25-4-2017 at 01:11
by: phlogiston
Alternative hobbies that appeal to those with interest in chemistry
I see a few patterns developing here.
I have pretty much the same list of hobbies: electronics, pro ...
20-4-2017 at 05:45
by: phlogiston
Copper(II) acetate triarsenite synthesis questions/help
From "Fireworks, The Art Science and Technique" by Takeo Shimizu:

[quote]Manufacture. One example ...
20-4-2017 at 03:44
by: phlogiston
Oxy-hydrogen torch via electrolytic gas supply?
@tsath, xenon is about 12 times less abundant in air than krypton, and about 100,000 times less abun ...
18-4-2017 at 06:45
by: phlogiston
sources of l-cysteine
Fortunately, the conditions for isolating cysteine from hair are such that it is quite unlikely that ...
14-4-2017 at 15:09
by: phlogiston
sources of l-cysteine
From Wilson RH et al, J Biol Chem (1927) 543-553, The Cysteine Content of Hair and Other Epidermal T ...
14-4-2017 at 01:43
by: phlogiston
Cheapest power supply for an electrochemical cell, no resistors neccessary
It is generally not a good idea to set up multiple chargers in parallel. Better use a single one tha ...
7-4-2017 at 12:39
by: phlogiston
Powdering aluminum - any "tricks" like quenching in liquid N2 or flash freezing?
An alloy with magnesium known as "magnalium"" would probably be preferable since the properties of m ...
7-4-2017 at 00:23
by: phlogiston
substituted phenethylamines, numbered clockwise or counterclockwise?
Also, note that although benzene is often drawn with alternating double and single bonds, all six bo ...
1-4-2017 at 07:27
by: phlogiston
Solubility musings
Also striking are the perchlorates of the alkali metals.
At 20 deg in water:

HClO4 - infinity mi ...
30-3-2017 at 06:06
by: phlogiston
Targeted Apoptosis of Senescent Cells
Tsjerk, note that the peptide/small protein is composed of D-amino acids.
As I am sure you know, E ...
26-3-2017 at 14:49
by: phlogiston
Targeted Apoptosis of Senescent Cells
After a cursory reading of the paper I think that is not what happens. They have developed a peptide ...
25-3-2017 at 17:30
by: phlogiston
Am241 beads
Measuring the current to establish that the device is working is probably a greater challenge.

A ...
21-3-2017 at 14:51
by: phlogiston
Am241 beads
A direct charging generator would be cool and I don’t remember every having seen one amateur scien ...
21-3-2017 at 03:51
by: phlogiston
tlc rf to lc
Your question is not very clear.
A big separation is great, separating components is the whole purp ...
21-3-2017 at 03:39
by: phlogiston
Taking data from an ORBItrap or penning trap
I would not hold it above some amateur scientists.
However, if you think the interface to the compu ...
20-3-2017 at 02:02
by: phlogiston
Amateur synthesis of plutonium?
There is no way you'll make a visible amount.
However, a detectable amount is perhaps attainable.
19-3-2017 at 15:07
by: phlogiston
Special tubes for low-speed centrifuge?
1. Yes, it can theoretically do the same as centrifuges that can reach higher g's if you run it for ...
17-3-2017 at 17:29
by: phlogiston
Heat pack type reaction. Please provide thoughts.
Maybe you can use a salt solution instead of water to raise the boiling temperature.

Supposedly, ...
11-3-2017 at 18:13
by: phlogiston
DIY GMO fish and amphibians...
Briefly, a common way to prepare the plasmid would be as follows. I am skipping a lot of details and ...
7-3-2017 at 16:40
by: phlogiston
KCl solubility at high temp & pressure
[url=]On the effects of pressure on the solubility o ...
6-3-2017 at 13:58
by: phlogiston
[Tests] Ammonium Chlorate NH4ClO3
It is also known to explode spontaneously upon storage.
I recall Shimizu describes in one of his bo ...
6-3-2017 at 01:44
by: phlogiston
Timing Electrons
It is equally important that your electron source can produce accurately timed pulses. That may be a ...
5-3-2017 at 16:17
by: phlogiston
A quick test.
5-3-2017 at 13:09
by: phlogiston
fluoride from toothpaste?
A OTC source for fluorine atoms is teflon.
The problem will be how to prepare useful fluorine compo ...
5-3-2017 at 13:06
by: phlogiston
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