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How to clean up Active Charcoal in the lab?
+1 on detergent solution.

just warm water with dishwasher soap is quite effective for cleaning ch ...
18-1-2019 at 03:41
by: phlogiston
Whatever happened to Doug's Lab..?
Texium mentioned as recently as last november that he knew that Doug was OK, just busy.
Having youn ...
17-1-2019 at 03:23
by: phlogiston
Ferric Ammonium Citrate Disposal
You don't mention the concentration.

I don't think you need to be overly worried about its toxici ...
13-1-2019 at 09:10
by: phlogiston
Power Supply from Model Train Control
But you do have control over the 'amperage' (more properly 'current').
The current is related to vo ...
13-1-2019 at 03:42
by: phlogiston
does a p100 gas mask protect against sulfur dioxide
I think many of us can relate. I think you'll fit in here very well, and in a few years you'll see t ...
9-1-2019 at 03:08
by: phlogiston
does a p100 gas mask protect against sulfur dioxide
I think it is not necessary to be so harsh. OP asks a reasonable question, demonstrates that he's lo ...
5-1-2019 at 17:09
by: phlogiston
Detectable radioactivity from rubidium?
I've tried with an ampoule of rubidium metal and rubidium iodide, but did not observe a clear increa ...
3-1-2019 at 12:52
by: phlogiston
Can we travel back in time really?
Here's a thought I always have when reading discussions on this topic, but never see mentioned:

W ...
30-12-2018 at 10:35
by: phlogiston
pH ~8 buffer
Not your question, but make sure to match osmolality as well. OTC solutions for lenses contain a bor ...
30-12-2018 at 10:24
by: phlogiston
Uranium carbonate leach next steps?
Have you seen Carl Willis page?

30-12-2018 at 01:15
by: phlogiston
Black humour (?) of Victorian chemists
Still, considering they were able to discover things like thallium, phosgene, etc without killing th ...
28-12-2018 at 13:32
by: phlogiston
Large lab
Size does not matter. Professional labs make money or generate new knowledge. amateurs just play fo ...
28-12-2018 at 07:46
by: phlogiston
Be,As and Tl
You'll like Vrbaite. This mineral, even harder to find than it to pronounce, contains not only Thall ...
27-12-2018 at 03:50
by: phlogiston
Hi, I'm new :)
[rquote=565212&tid=114061&author=hacker]Heh. I am not PhDChemist. I have seen his naturopath ...
22-12-2018 at 16:41
by: phlogiston
I need help with optoisolators. . .
WGTR's question is at the heart of the matter.

To obtain a 5V power supply from 24V, a 3-terminal ...
20-12-2018 at 09:16
by: phlogiston
Post #2000 and an apology for accidentally deleting a thread
[rquote=562883&tid=112108&author=JJay]Without Melgar's scripts, someone else would have put ...
14-12-2018 at 19:03
by: phlogiston
Yeast plasmid max size
Jackson, your basic idea is not bad.
It is just that from the questions you are asking it is obviou ...
14-12-2018 at 15:32
by: phlogiston
Yeast plasmid max size
It is indeed sometimes the case that yeast can assemble a eukaryotic protein that E coli won't. Howe ...
14-12-2018 at 03:56
by: phlogiston
Yeast plasmid max size
Why did you choose yeast? Bacteria are often easier and faster to work with. For this kind of projec ...
14-12-2018 at 02:16
by: phlogiston
20g/10g rubidium ampoules for sale
Received an ampoule of Rb and a bar of Be from these guys in the mail today, less than 2 weeks after ...
13-12-2018 at 17:31
by: phlogiston
Having dreams/nightmares about chemicals
I remember a dream in the last year of primary school, in which I made magnesium metal by electrolys ...
28-11-2018 at 15:09
by: phlogiston
Guess the energetic material!
Ha, beat you to it ;)
Over the weekend, I was trying to think of obscure pyrotechnic mixtures/energ ...
25-11-2018 at 13:43
by: phlogiston
Guess the energetic material!
Is it a styphnate?

Lead styphnate can have different shades of yellow/orange. Color shown seems c ...
23-11-2018 at 06:03
by: phlogiston
Air cusion micropipette - which solvents i can use
With the tips, one thing that can be annoying is that not every brand of tips perfectly fits every p ...
17-11-2018 at 13:43
by: phlogiston
Fitting a Ground Glass Joint to a Steel Plate
[rquote=553296&tid=100197&author=Mr. Rogers]Also I'm wondering why there isn't a "buy/sell" ...
16-11-2018 at 04:45
by: phlogiston
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