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worst stench
One class of compounds I haven't seen mentioned yet are alkynes.

In organic synthesis classes we' ...
4-2-2023 at 04:03
by: phlogiston
Hacking a test tube
another method is to heat the test tube where you want it to break and touch it with a cold metallic ...
17-11-2022 at 18:07
by: phlogiston
Lithium from Li2CO3 electrolysis ? It failed.
Quote from this paper
Arcaro, Sabrina & Berutti, F.A. & Alves, Annelise & Bergmann, Car ...
6-11-2022 at 11:55
by: phlogiston
Introducing me
Welcome from another Dutch member. Not as close to you as Woelen or Teodor, but seen in the context ...
4-11-2022 at 07:46
by: phlogiston
PTFE HF distillation apparatus
Very impressive, and I'm glad you do this and take the time to show it of here, so we can share in t ...
20-9-2022 at 12:12
by: phlogiston
Barium carbonate in uranium extraction
As he says @ 10:40, "But that is, of course, why I added the barium into there; it's to help pull th ...
13-9-2022 at 12:41
by: phlogiston
Thorium from monazite sand
What mineral contains the thorium? I don't know this particular locality, but generally, the thorium ...
12-8-2022 at 15:24
by: phlogiston
NaCl Crystals
I think the problem you may be having is that the heating element heats up some solution and it star ...
16-3-2022 at 14:03
by: phlogiston
Hydrogen storage on CDs: breakthrough ?
It's an extremely vague article, and magnesium is not mentioned anywhere in it. They say 'nano graph ...
27-12-2021 at 13:39
by: phlogiston
A possible fraud!
To pull off such a scam, the caster would have to somehow homogeneously shrink a piece of 3D printed ...
27-12-2021 at 12:55
by: phlogiston
A general Electrolysis Question!!!
One thing that I haven't seen mentioned yet is that if you increase the current ("amperage") by incr ...
18-12-2021 at 07:33
by: phlogiston
Locking old threads so people don't reincarnate them.
Its actually one of the nice things on this forum: if people are truly interested in a topic, they'l ...
12-12-2021 at 18:40
by: phlogiston
A high-temperature mini-furnace for temperatures above 2000 C.
What material is used to make the electrical connections to the actual Y2O3/ZrO2 ceramic?
30-11-2021 at 13:24
by: phlogiston
Onyxmet Fluorine sphere : really ?
The lack of lab coats is one thing, but I do find it odd that there doesn't appear to be any contain ...
4-11-2021 at 15:58
by: phlogiston
Plant killer
Considering the high solubility of sodium chlorate, why does it last so long? Wouldn't rain wash it ...
23-10-2021 at 11:49
by: phlogiston
AP from table salt. Not in my case.
How big is your cell (electrolyte volume)?
Have you calculated how much Ah is necessary for the con ...
16-10-2021 at 13:13
by: phlogiston
how to ship metallic mercury
I'd go for a plastic bottle in a metal can with foam, vermiculite or some other shock-absorbing iner ...
16-6-2021 at 15:18
by: phlogiston
Chlorate cell heating
From your question it looks like what you actually want to know is deltaH, but I'm not really in the ...
15-5-2021 at 14:00
by: phlogiston
Making Sodium, a new method?
This has been discussed in previous threads on sodium production. Not sure about 1,4-dioxane. IIRC p ...
15-5-2021 at 09:03
by: phlogiston
Once a year, we had a special day about radioactivity in physics class in our high school, on which ...
13-5-2021 at 06:09
by: phlogiston
What is this metal?

Does it feel unusually dense if you hold a bunch of granules in your hand?

Try concen ...
5-5-2021 at 05:01
by: phlogiston
Insulin from the Cod Fish
I used to obtaine bovine brains, livers, kidneys and a heart directly from abbatoirs when I was doin ...
18-4-2021 at 07:52
by: phlogiston
Barium azide preparation help
Another route I can think of is by boiling barium carbonate in a solution of ammonium azide.
I have ...
2-2-2021 at 06:53
by: phlogiston
Why do Mg salts not color the flame ?
Bedlasky, that is interesting. Can you share the composition?
25-1-2021 at 03:56
by: phlogiston
Why do Mg salts not color the flame ?
[quote]Salts of Ca, Sr, Ba color the flame resp. orange, red, yellowish green.[/quote]

Only in th ...
24-1-2021 at 14:14
by: phlogiston
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