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Disposal of Na from a breeder reactor
If the possibility of radioactive contamination is real then a sodium fire may be a more serious con ...
19-2-2017 at 13:22
by: phlogiston
Achtung baby: hasta la vista!
They do indeed.
But it is not trivial to asses the net impact on the gummints budget. Taxes. Employ ...
17-2-2017 at 17:36
by: phlogiston
Achtung baby: hasta la vista!
@JJay, You probably can't tell but it would be interesting if you could share what kind of questions ...
17-2-2017 at 17:12
by: phlogiston
Achtung baby: hasta la vista!
As someone that is performing cigarette addiction research, you have my utmost respect. Be -very- pr ...
17-2-2017 at 16:23
by: phlogiston
figuring out varying concentrations in lacquer thinner.
[rquote=474847&tid=72340&author=Db33]okay so i have Klean Strip Lacquer Thinner. I know from ...
16-2-2017 at 16:46
by: phlogiston
What is D.P.M
Dried Poultry Manurer
Dipivaloyl methane
Di-Propylene Glycol Methyl Ether
Dry Protein Mixture
Dr ...
14-2-2017 at 08:25
by: phlogiston
Unique silver compounds
Can the slight turbidity observed with sulfate be explained by a slight contamination with lead?
Wh ...
13-2-2017 at 06:16
by: phlogiston
Radium extration
Interesting approach, but what is the function of the COCl2 in this setup?
If it is somehow critica ...
9-2-2017 at 01:04
by: phlogiston
Smartphone with spectrometer
[rquote=471651&tid=71708&author=PHILOU Zrealone]I have much doubts about this...
How can th ...
27-1-2017 at 16:58
by: phlogiston
Microwave Chemistry !
These two guys experimented with a naked magnetron tube. Insanely reckless, but entertaining:
http ...
24-1-2017 at 13:59
by: phlogiston
type of column for liquid chormatography?
Long and thin --> better separation
Wide and short --> higher capacity.

A burette is conv ...
22-1-2017 at 15:28
by: phlogiston
glassware etching and vaccum distillation
Doubly cringeworthy if you used an erlenmeyer indeed, not a round bottom flask.
21-1-2017 at 12:14
by: phlogiston
Uranium Extraction from Vaseline Glass Help
The intensity of fluorescence is a poor indicator of the U content. A geiger counter may provide an ...
20-1-2017 at 04:25
by: phlogiston
Metals in their gaseous states?
The color of sparks between two metal electrodes are noticeable different depending on the metal, wh ...
17-1-2017 at 09:07
by: phlogiston
DIY GMO fish and amphibians...
I've transformed and made GMO yeasts a lot. Mostly Saccharomyces cerevisiae (bakers yeast), but also ...
16-1-2017 at 07:10
by: phlogiston
after packing chromatography column
Thanks guys, looks like 'to effervesce' is indeed the verb I was looking for. Added another useful w ...
15-1-2017 at 15:18
by: phlogiston
Metals in their gaseous states?
In high school we had to derive the melting point of tungsten experimentally in that way.
You monit ...
15-1-2017 at 15:13
by: phlogiston
Two spectroscopic questions
That is a very important difference in practice: with EI you typically get a large number of fragmen ...
15-1-2017 at 06:28
by: phlogiston
after packing chromatography column
As Metacelcus and Tsjerk already said: thats perfectly fine. You can store it like that indefinitely ...
13-1-2017 at 17:48
by: phlogiston
DIY GMO fish and amphibians...
You will also need approval of an ethical committee if you intent to try this with actual people. Ex ...
8-1-2017 at 02:56
by: phlogiston
Platinum foil suggestions needed
You don’t state your intended goal, but if you were planning to use these in chlorate or perchlora ...
3-1-2017 at 08:10
by: phlogiston
Help getting started
Bert has a point though, you have invested some money in equipment and chemicals. Surely, you did yo ...
2-1-2017 at 16:56
by: phlogiston
Where is Blogfast25 ?
From his post on 22/10/2016 in the "Mad Scientist of the Year 2016 Nominations" thread (Forum Matter ...
2-1-2017 at 16:48
by: phlogiston
Ostwald style nitric production
Very, very interesting, thanks! For some, this extremely useful reagent is very difficult to obtain. ...
29-12-2016 at 18:02
by: phlogiston
What happened while dumping my chemicals?
Pretty color.
If you honestly care to find out, start by making well-defined mixtures of the chemic ...
29-12-2016 at 02:30
by: phlogiston
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