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Make Alkali metals from controlled decomp of azides??
OP asked about 'alkali metals' in general. He did not specifically say thay he wanted sodium.
As B ...
19-4-2018 at 03:52
by: phlogiston
Google's search results have changed drastically!
For products from Sigma-Aldrich, it might also be related to their recent namechange to 'Merck'.
It ...
17-4-2018 at 12:30
by: phlogiston
Isolation of barium metal from baryte sample
[rquote=514014&tid=81856&author=AndrejJoszika][rquote=514002&tid=81856&author=Foeske ...
13-4-2018 at 02:53
by: phlogiston
Isolation of barium metal from baryte sample
Another fun path to metallic barium that is via decomposition of barium azide.
You pass hydrazoic a ...
12-4-2018 at 12:30
by: phlogiston
Isolation of barium metal from baryte sample
Another possible method is electrolytically, using a mercury cathode.
Barium amalgam will form. The ...
10-4-2018 at 14:10
by: phlogiston
Chemistry April Fool's Jokes
Gallium teaspoon
1-4-2018 at 11:39
by: phlogiston
Electrochemical Cells - Understanding Amperage or Current
The resistance of the cell is a function of the distance between the electrodes and the conductivity ...
28-3-2018 at 23:25
by: phlogiston
Anyone interested in some tritium clock hands?
The number of counts in itself doesn't say much about which isotope/element was used.
It would be m ...
28-3-2018 at 06:11
by: phlogiston
Best Oil/substance to produce heavy smoke & most slippery oil/soap?
Electronic cigarettes also use propylene glycol. Most e-liquids contain a mixture of propylene glyco ...
27-3-2018 at 23:37
by: phlogiston
Getting Calcium metal by thermite reaction with Al ?
Canadianchemist did not demonstrate that he obtained calcium metal.
In this particular video, what ...
23-3-2018 at 16:25
by: phlogiston
Thermite Primer
Wow, great contribution!

I also found this channel on youtube recently that shows a lot of nice e ...
21-3-2018 at 04:00
by: phlogiston
Why reactions happen?
Good question, and it has been answered already, but just to boil it down a bit for you to the two m ...
21-3-2018 at 03:48
by: phlogiston
Uses of kitty litter in the amateur lab
- To clean up liquid spills.
The clay-based types should be pretty inert to most solvents, acids an ...
21-3-2018 at 03:39
by: phlogiston
Chemical Resistance of Stoppers
However, this is a tedious job. Same with ...
18-3-2018 at 14:28
by: phlogiston
The moment (or moments) that made you realize you had a passion for chemistry
My dad was head of a laboratory that was doing stem cell research in the 70's and 80's. He sometimes ...
12-3-2018 at 18:24
by: phlogiston
Sodium Hydroxide and Nickel
Potassium hydroxide solution will not dissolve nickel either.
I'm curious what wiki site said that ...
4-3-2018 at 12:34
by: phlogiston
Cyanide & other poisons strictly controlled while 990mg/ml nicotine isn't!
Of the 10 mg in a typical cigarette, only about 1 mg ends up in the smoke that you inhale. In fact, ...
1-3-2018 at 13:40
by: phlogiston
Combustion of Propylene glycol - what is the product?
An interesting paper in this regard is "Solvent Chemistry in the Electronic Cigarette Reaction Vesse ...
1-3-2018 at 13:33
by: phlogiston
Cyanide & other poisons strictly controlled while 990mg/ml nicotine isn't!
In Europe, only solutions containing up to 20 mg/mL may be sold to the public.

This is still enou ...
1-3-2018 at 13:23
by: phlogiston
So, I woke up this morning with superpowers
Thanks a lot, j_sum1 for being willing to spend some of your time to keep this forum the great place ...
15-2-2018 at 13:13
by: phlogiston
Tritium vial "recharge" by neutron activation (speculative)
If metastable Ag-108m forms, then it will be hot a lot longer (halflife 418 y)
Also, silicon-32 (th ...
6-2-2018 at 06:15
by: phlogiston
Evaporating water under vacuum - less energy intensive?
The total amount of energy needed to go from one state (liquid water at temperature T and pressure P ...
30-1-2018 at 02:09
by: phlogiston
Heavy water
Deuterium is stable, but processes used to purify deuterium usually also increase the concentration ...
28-1-2018 at 15:00
by: phlogiston
I'd still like to talk to PHDChemist
It's fine that he is not normal, in fact very few if any of us would be regarded normal by society.
26-1-2018 at 14:47
by: phlogiston
I want to speak to PHDChemist
It is hard to pin down exactly what your problem is.

You seem reasonably smart, that's clearly no ...
26-1-2018 at 06:26
by: phlogiston
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