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Phosphoric Acid nitration mixtures and nitrocellulose
I stumbled on this paper: ...
28-1-2019 at 19:50
by: pots-o-potash
Salting out ethanol and distillation
Potassium bisulfate or Potassium peroxymonosulfate might be more useful for salting out nitric acid ...
7-8-2018 at 16:20
by: pots-o-potash
ethyl rocket motors
[quote][i]Originally posted by Douchermann[/i]
Don't know if anyone caught this, but when they were ...
7-3-2007 at 18:54
by: pots-o-potash
aluminum issue
quicksilver, it's 50mg of powder fo ground crackers not 5mg (that would be one small cracker, or a h ...
6-2-2007 at 18:54
by: pots-o-potash
New Canadian Chemical Regulations
As a comment for U.S. chemical regulations, United Nuclear (the U.S. hobby chemical supplier) resent ...
19-10-2006 at 17:47
by: pots-o-potash
Obtaining Potassium Nitrate
You can use a coffee grinder to powder the prills, but it won't grind all the peices.
A better met ...
7-8-2006 at 22:40
by: pots-o-potash
Obtaining Potassium Nitrate
I've ised Grant's Stump Remover (in prills before and it worked well in KNO3/sugar rocket mixes and ...
5-8-2006 at 21:41
by: pots-o-potash

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