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Chameleon colour change experiment
10mg KMnO4 (Potassium Permanganate) dissolved in 25ml of water , which was added to:
2g C12H22O11 ( ...
31-3-2014 at 02:07
by: rcfunker
Cupric Ammonium Acetate
Is that possible not to have ammonia?
You can actually obtain ammonia through various ways.. such ...
23-3-2014 at 16:51
by: rcfunker
Quite interesting, never tried before but looking forward to it, thanks for sharing
[rquote=323953& ...
23-3-2014 at 16:42
by: rcfunker
weak acids
What about those machines that calculate Ph, do they actually contain any acid that would rise the p ...
23-3-2014 at 16:40
by: rcfunker
Preparation of elemental phosphorus
Thank you for sharing the link, looking forward to read it!
[rquote=376&tid=65&author=Polve ...
23-3-2014 at 16:37
by: rcfunker

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