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Has anybody any expierience with this synthesis?

Working up synthesis solutions obtained in pr ...
1-12-2005 at 02:54
by: redneck
3 NaOCl ==H+, >70°C==> NaClo3 + 2 NaCl

NaOCl converts to NaClO3 only if acidified. In an a ...
29-4-2005 at 11:55
by: redneck
@ Rosco Bodine
Thank you for the link!

Strange music. Sounds like south american indian style. I ...
29-4-2005 at 09:45
by: redneck
Hi guys
What recipe are you using? Where can I get it? Who is Mr A. , and where can I get his recip ...
29-4-2005 at 07:03
by: redneck
Hey S.C.WACK you live in the states, so where did get such an old german chemistry boock? Do you spe ...
16-4-2005 at 22:55
by: redneck
Silver Fulminate Synthesis
Silver is cheap enough(round about 30 cents per gramm) that its not worth the work recycling it in s ...
7-4-2005 at 09:16
by: redneck
Silver Fulminate Synthesis
Hi guys, had an interesting dream a long time ago.

Silver fulminate synthesis

This is a fun ex ...
7-4-2005 at 03:23
by: redneck
Sodium Azide
Anybody knows if this reaction is possible?

NaNO3 + (H2N)2CO ==> NaN3 + 2 H20 + CO2

Perha ...
10-12-2004 at 11:34
by: redneck
Megalomanias recipe:



Thank you for ...
24-11-2004 at 07:02
by: redneck
Rocket propellant
Hallo rocketscience

At high temperatures CO2 can't be formed under low pressure. CO ist form ...
24-11-2004 at 03:37
by: redneck
Ouality of the NC
Hallo AngelEyes
Please could you report me the quality of the NC obtained by your process. Take som ...
28-9-2004 at 21:01
by: redneck
Dear IgnorantlyIntelligent
I assume you used too few Ammonium Nitrate. Sulfuric acid dissolves cell ...
26-9-2004 at 22:57
by: redneck

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