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potassium phosphite
Why is it that potassium phosphate is readily available but potassium phosphite is not?
Phosphite ...
26-2-2023 at 19:14
by: rocketman
potassium selenite
I have some potassium selenite. It seems to have absorbed some moisture. How do I dry it? Heat it ge ...
13-10-2021 at 18:56
by: rocketman
White Phosphorus
Hi all, Is it possible to remove white phosphorus from water, dry it (really fast?) and tranfer to e ...
12-9-2021 at 21:29
by: rocketman
selenic acid
Vano here is the link.
14-2-2021 at 20:54
by: rocketman
selenic acid
A guy on YouTube claims to make selenic acid by dissolving selenium in hydrogen peroxide. I don't th ...
13-2-2021 at 23:44
by: rocketman
Selenium Sulphoxide, SeSO3
I have made what I believe is Selenium Sulphoxide, SeSO3
I would like to be left with SeO3.
what i ...
13-2-2021 at 23:41
by: rocketman
selenic acid
there's a guy on youtube says, strong Hydrogen peroxide and selenium gives selenic acid. I think he ...
12-2-2021 at 23:35
by: rocketman
hydrogen peroxide.
Into 35% hydrogen peroxide, I poured in a bunch of Molecular Sieves For Water Removal in hopes of c ...
15-1-2021 at 20:36
by: rocketman
sulfur monochloride
Is there an easy way to convert sulfur monochloride S2Cl2 to Selenium monochloride Se2Cl2? :(
19-11-2019 at 12:15
by: rocketman
sub carbonate of ammonia?
Can someone tell me what is "subcarbonas ammoniae or volatile salt of sal ammoniac"? aka "sal volati ...
17-5-2019 at 23:01
by: rocketman
Potassium Selenite
Sorry but I don't understand part of the instructions.
Dissolve all of it in as little as possible ...
19-4-2019 at 22:11
by: rocketman
Potassium Selenite
Info on Potassium selenite is scarce.
Preparation of potassium selenite---White crystals if done r ...
17-4-2019 at 23:15
by: rocketman
phosphorus trioxide
Anyone know how to change Phosphorus pentoxide to the trioxide? Can it be done? Phosphorus trioxid ...
15-11-2018 at 15:04
by: rocketman
Transfer W P to ether
Guys can you help? I have a pea-size amount of white Phosp. in water. I want to transfer it to ether ...
17-8-2018 at 09:42
by: rocketman
Phosphorus oxychloride to phosphorus trichloride
Is there an easy way to change Phosphorus oxychloride to phosphorus trichloride?
14-11-2017 at 22:00
by: rocketman
Drying Phosphorus pentoxide
Thanks guys. Had no idea it would be so difficult. :o Would cry but that would only add to the water ...
26-2-2016 at 16:29
by: rocketman
How to dry out phosphorus pentoxide?
I have some phosphorus pentoxide but over time it has absorbed water. How can I remove this water, h ...
22-2-2016 at 18:25
by: rocketman
Okay, so I've distilled myself some ethanol. The aim is to make ether. Now my ethanol almost certain ...
28-7-2015 at 23:01
by: rocketman
Polish company
Thanks j_sum1 . Have sent them an email. Not sure if they send to Canada since USA, Europe etc liste ...
20-5-2015 at 19:31
by: rocketman
antimony pentoxide
Desperate for antimony pentoxide. Not available on ebay. Available from various Chinese companies. A ...
20-5-2015 at 16:55
by: rocketman

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