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university surplus sales
At my local surplus I was able to grab a Coring microchem kit for only 12 bucks.
Pretty good deals ...
16-9-2016 at 04:26
by: rocketsurgeon
What to do with a microscale chem kit
Hey everyone,
I recently stumbled upon an older Pyrex micro chemistry kit (Cat number: 6949) that i ...
28-7-2016 at 23:02
by: rocketsurgeon
Diamond synthesis
If there were a way to clear diamonds of optical impurity that would probably be more profitable. As ...
20-11-2015 at 08:46
by: rocketsurgeon
decrease the ph
I found that onions contain a natural ph indicator that turns green when basic.

to get rid of th ...
22-2-2014 at 08:42
by: rocketsurgeon
baking soda
when you are cooking with the baking soda use less than 1tsp per onion. other wise they will taste h ...
21-2-2014 at 16:38
by: rocketsurgeon
I was asking this because I wanted to see if there were any other bases that would work as a catalys ...
21-2-2014 at 06:39
by: rocketsurgeon
Best food grade base for use as a catalyst in the Maillard reaction
Hey people, I am working on an little experiment with the Maillard reaction in onions. So far I have ...
20-2-2014 at 18:25
by: rocketsurgeon email
Hi every one I like to make chemistry videos as a hobby.
after having my channel running for a whil ...
27-9-2013 at 15:56
by: rocketsurgeon
I've seen the periodic table of videos one but i haven't seen the other one.

and i have another ...
6-8-2013 at 09:49
by: rocketsurgeon
My first good chemistry video
Hey guys this is my first good chemistry video so check it out and give me feedback.

[url=http: ...
5-8-2013 at 19:36
by: rocketsurgeon
sulfuric acid

I just got a 500ml bottle of acs grade sulfuric acid and 700 ml of hydrochloric acid.
I w ...
26-7-2013 at 07:57
by: rocketsurgeon
thank you
I dont know mutch about bio chemistry.

so thank you!:)
24-6-2013 at 13:23
by: rocketsurgeon
small question
What is urease common in and how do i help it grow
( if posible)?

[Edited on 24-6-2013 by rocketsu ...
24-6-2013 at 13:06
by: rocketsurgeon
It dosn't say about concentration

And yes i would like to obtain acetic acid from the mixture.

24-6-2013 at 07:36
by: rocketsurgeon
purifacation of stopbath?
I recently aquired some indicator stopbath.
so I was reading the msds and it says that its 80-90%by ...
24-6-2013 at 02:51
by: rocketsurgeon
agin thanks
I also like your website.
23-6-2013 at 18:43
by: rocketsurgeon
Thank you
Good to know.
I assume it is not pure enough to use in an experiment without purification.
23-6-2013 at 18:37
by: rocketsurgeon
Making ammonia
Last night I found a vase that had urea fertilizer in it for about a month. I wafted the odor toward ...
23-6-2013 at 18:27
by: rocketsurgeon
Thank you
Thank most of you for good replies. :)

a special thanks to elementcollector1 / antiswat.

Like ...
23-6-2013 at 09:00
by: rocketsurgeon
making carbonic acid
Can anyone tell me a good process to make carbonic acid
without dry ice/ gas cylinders

By the ...
22-6-2013 at 19:44
by: rocketsurgeon

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