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Rare catalyst, reagents and ultrra oure metal powders for sale
[rquote=679737&tid=159174&author=Fery][rquote=679731&tid=159174&author=OrganicGuy]2- ...
27-12-2022 at 13:25
by: student
TheVespiary downed?
[rquote=678333&tid=159010&author=DocX]and back again.
Up and down like the Assyrian empire ...
9-11-2022 at 15:00
by: student
Is there anything interesting I can do with Urea?
Barbiturates. Nobody else wanted to say it but that is why I am here.
17-6-2021 at 12:39
by: student
16 oz of nitroethane. Buy or nah?
[rquote=661758&tid=157565&author=mr_bovinejony]Where are you buying these bottles from where ...
16-6-2021 at 06:22
by: student
16 oz of nitroethane. Buy or nah?
I checked one of these 16 oz bottles and have a theory about what is going on. My bottle looks tampe ...
15-6-2021 at 12:58
by: student
16 oz of nitroethane. Buy or nah?
Mia Secret Brush Cleaner contained only about 5% nitroethane even though that was the only solvent l ...
4-6-2021 at 11:08
by: student
Indole-3-Carbinol Oxidation
How about using manganese dioxide or barium manganate for the oxidation, to take advantage of the ea ...
1-6-2021 at 16:12
by: student
TONS of Reagents and Glassware - LabDirect
This discussion of iodine is confusing and surprising the heck out of me!

So much energy here has ...
19-5-2021 at 10:56
by: student
Synthesis of malonic acid
[rquote=635572&tid=1600&author=clearly_not_atara]Oxidative degradation of linoleic acid with ...
17-5-2021 at 09:08
by: student

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