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Separation of Nitroethane from Methoxy-2-propanol
In 1993, I ordered 2.5 L of Nitro ethane, it arrived. Two weeks later, it arrived again (!) I was to ...
9-1-2024 at 15:39
by: sykronizer
Extracting the alkaloid scopolamine from datura stramonium seeds?
Yeah, a lesson to all the curious out there, let me just start, and finish, by saying, noooo. Not th ...
13-11-2023 at 21:53
by: sykronizer
DIY Divided electrochemical cell with stirring and cooling
the membrane is not that hard, just use the plastic separator found inside any lithium ion battery, ...
1-3-2023 at 23:37
by: sykronizer
If any of you are looking for very good cell membranes for reductions or oxidations in a divided ele ...
1-3-2023 at 23:33
by: sykronizer
Benzene synthesis
Benzene from Benzoic acid salt pyro decarboxylation: This is one reaction that I have done a few ti ...
19-3-2021 at 20:40
by: sykronizer
toluene --> benzaldehyde
If you consult more lit on that reaction, you will find that it only works for aliphatic and low mol ...
20-11-2018 at 22:24
by: sykronizer
nitration of xylene using HNO3/DCM mixture
Look up Urbanski there is plenty of literature concerning different nitration mixtures and nitratio ...
6-3-2018 at 16:54
by: sykronizer
toluene --> benzaldehyde
I have tried that persulfate method, sticking exactly to the method and reagents and all I got was t ...
7-2-2018 at 23:50
by: sykronizer
toluene --> benzaldehyde
The Toluene of commerce here in NZ and Oz is contaminated with some sulfur compounds, a sulfuric aci ...
30-1-2018 at 15:50
by: sykronizer
keten lamp've got far too much wire coiled up in there...odds are that you are over cooking e ...
27-12-2017 at 23:48
by: sykronizer
Preparation of Methyl Iodide Using HCl Gas
Is that some smoking cessation patch you are referring to there, is it ? .......
27-12-2017 at 22:38
by: sykronizer
OTC synthesis of precious catalytic amines?!
If you are really in need, you can also do an organic solvent extraction of Glyphosate based weed ki ...
18-12-2017 at 12:05
by: sykronizer
Diethylamine Hydrochloride Synthesis
If you are desperate or out of reagents there is a simple source of dimethyl, diethyl and isopropyl ...
17-12-2017 at 04:09
by: sykronizer
toluene --> benzaldehyde
I remember reading about the air oxidation of Toluene to benzaldehyde. The catalyst was V2O5 and th ...
16-12-2017 at 19:14
by: sykronizer

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