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distillation practice
How could I go about practicing distillations at temps over 100C?

Could you substitute a liebig c ...
30-6-2005 at 16:04
by: tetrachloromethane
Question on making CH3NO2?
It is made commercially by reacting nitric acid vapor and methane at 400C. If the two reactants wer ...
27-6-2005 at 14:39
by: tetrachloromethane
health shmelth
In high school chemistry, most of the reactions that would be regulated are probably out of the cour ...
27-6-2005 at 14:11
by: tetrachloromethane
Aerosol BLEVE Bomb
Since the explosion would have such a large radius, the surface area of the fireball would be enough ...
27-6-2005 at 14:01
by: tetrachloromethane
Aerosol BLEVE Bomb
I've heard of fuel-air explosives before. Although I never made one, I can imagine how powerfu ...
27-6-2005 at 13:08
by: tetrachloromethane
Aerosol BLEVE Bomb
BLEVE (Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapor Explosion) refers to the explosion that occurs when a vessel c ...
27-6-2005 at 12:18
by: tetrachloromethane
hydrogen:safer than petrol?
A punctured gasoline tank will spill flammable fuel, but won't BLEVE like a H2 filled ...
27-6-2005 at 12:07
by: tetrachloromethane

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