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Perchloric acid preparation
On the previous site of this topic there is the auto-oxidising -method of producing NaClO3:

3NaCl ...
3-11-2003 at 02:43
by: the timeless
Do this synth in a well ventilated place or outside. This will reduce drastically your first-timer h ...
24-9-2003 at 00:59
by: the timeless
OK! I must try to register again and see if I will have better luck this time. Just like you, I am t ...
16-9-2003 at 01:12
by: the timeless
Yes Yes!
Yes, of course you see a new member every time you log in, because they are always shown by the foru ...
15-9-2003 at 01:08
by: the timeless
Distillation equipment
Of course it is useless if you use a nitrate like KNO3, which will convert to a near insoluble subst ...
14-9-2003 at 23:59
by: the timeless
Excess H2SO4 spared
Yes it is useful to distill a solution with a small amount of excess H2SO4, because it will prevent ...
12-9-2003 at 01:14
by: the timeless
Roguesci has simply made just one mistake: It doesn´t accept new members, because there are so much ...
11-9-2003 at 01:09
by: the timeless
I didn´t say NG doesn´t cause headaches. Isaid that they are very mild compared to those caused by ...
10-9-2003 at 23:00
by: the timeless
Be aware!
See the concentrations first! If you do it with low-yield OTC´s it won´t make much chlorine, even ...
10-9-2003 at 01:10
by: the timeless
You dont need a professional-style equipment for a simple distilling. For example, HNO3 and other tw ...
9-9-2003 at 01:11
by: the timeless
stabilizing NI3
I think I have heard that it could be stabilized with corn starch or syrup. This procedure reduces t ...
8-9-2003 at 23:00
by: the timeless
AP isomers
The trimeric AP and the tetrameric AP are very fast to change into dimeric AP. The tetrameric is mor ...
5-9-2003 at 01:09
by: the timeless
EGDN from antifreeze
It is quite difficult to collect just the glygol when you distill it but it is possible. In my opini ...
4-9-2003 at 23:58
by: the timeless
to chemoleo
In the name of Jesus! Don´t distill explosive materials! It is suicidal, even if you filled the col ...
4-9-2003 at 01:17
by: the timeless

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