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Ag2C2.AGNO3 (DS)
Prometheus1970, the material you obtained should work just fine as a primary.

When I use to prepa ...
25-1-2011 at 22:48
by: zajcek01
3,4,5-trimethoxy-beta-nitrostyrene synthesis
Would triethylamine catalyst work instad of cyclohexylamine, butylamine and methylamine for condensa ...
16-11-2010 at 15:14
by: zajcek01
Best and worst smelling chemicals?
Today I opened a new plastic bottle of potassium cyanate (KOCN). The smell was very.....hard to desc ...
14-6-2010 at 13:33
by: zajcek01
could you eat rotten meat if you boiled it long enough
CO poisoning victims have distinct pinkish/redish tint, CO2 victims turn blue.

Skin discoloration ...
10-9-2009 at 22:49
by: zajcek01
Benzaldehyde Smell
Benzaldehyde smells like almonds to me, but in small concentrations it is more like cherries.
15-7-2009 at 00:30
by: zajcek01
Best and worst smelling chemicals?
I hate:
ethylamine,diethylamine, triethylamine and other amines
chloropirin (I just ...
13-7-2009 at 00:00
by: zajcek01
propiophenone and stuff
Thank you all for your replies.

I will try to use CH2Cl2 for the solvent and some AlCl3 as cataly ...
11-1-2009 at 13:27
by: zajcek01
I am sorry to revive an old thread on propiophenone, but I have a problem.

I would like to bromin ...
9-1-2009 at 16:47
by: zajcek01
PETN synth
It does not work on :(

It only works on Micro$oft office
1-1-2009 at 15:59
by: zajcek01
PETN synth
Here is the document Microtek vas talking about : ...
17-12-2008 at 08:00
by: zajcek01
Unconventional Shaped Charges
Here is my experience with a fully improvised shaped a charge.

A body was made from Actimel:
htt ...
13-12-2007 at 13:05
by: zajcek01

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