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Blue Flame
Stabilization would be nice, if possible. Though I would proceed with caution.

Copper complexes, ...
20-10-2021 at 01:48
by: zed
Distilled vs Deionized Water
I hail from an area known for the crappy-dirty taste of its tap-water.

Even though it was long a ...
20-10-2021 at 00:29
by: zed
Plant killer
CDX Plywood. Older stock is better. Got any surplus plywood? It isn't a metal salt, but it sure ...
20-10-2021 at 00:06
by: zed
Types of iron for reduction
Umm. Some of the guys claim "Steel Wool" works pretty well.

These reductions are sometimes descr ...
6-10-2021 at 00:14
by: zed
How toxic are Beryllium compounds really ?
Beryllium is bad shit. Fifty years ago, we talked about it plenty. I had a buddy that usta build e ...
29-9-2021 at 23:59
by: zed
A Note on the Synthesis of 3-Nitrophthalic Acid
Crystallization is an occult practice. Damned hard to accomplish sometimes.

It is ever so he ...
20-9-2021 at 00:37
by: zed
Brewing Homemade Vinegar to Make Acetic Acid
I can't seem to stop it. Apples fall from my Ashmead's Kernal Apple tree, they bruise, and within a ...
19-9-2021 at 23:50
by: zed
5-hydroxyvanillin methylation?
Nope! My old-time buddy Dr. Death, methylated 5-hydroxy-vanillin, but he did it the straightforward ...
8-9-2021 at 01:19
by: zed
Sodium hydride purification (NaH)
Yup. Ventron used to sell LiAlH4 as a thick paste, mixed with mineral oil.

Eases your mind a lit ...
5-9-2021 at 21:59
by: zed
formation of grignard reagents in DIPE
So, you weren't able to start a Grignard in Di-isopropyl Ether. Rats!
31-8-2021 at 21:16
by: zed
formation of grignard reagents in DIPE
Ummm. Should work. But, some companies are promoting di-n-butyl ether as a Grignard solvent. They ...
27-8-2021 at 16:56
by: zed
Does evaporation release ions into the air?
Awww, I remember making NaOH solutions as a lab tech. You can't see the NaOH getting into the air, ...
22-8-2021 at 22:57
by: zed
Too good to be true?
Easy enough to make anhydrous AlCl3. Just capture some Cl2 in a covered flask. Drop a piece of heat ...
22-8-2021 at 05:51
by: zed
Too good to be true?
Awww. I read Chinese patent applications all of the time. Mostly, they are ill translated and unint ...
22-8-2021 at 05:39
by: zed
Help me identify this compound
You have no idea?

Do a flame test. Try to rule out inorganic.

Organic? Do a melting point de ...
22-8-2021 at 04:59
by: zed
Indole-3-Carbinol Oxidation
Do some library research and find a procedure. Indole isn't an Amine, and it doesn't usually react ...
9-8-2021 at 00:36
by: zed
Any uses for lithium metal
Yah! You can use your Lithium Deutride and Tritride, in your thermonuclear fusion devices.

You c ...
6-8-2021 at 00:53
by: zed
Is vulcanizing latex reasonable to DIY? Are there OTC chemicals to do it?
Yeah. No chemicals required, other than those already present in the latex sheets. The sheets them ...
2-8-2021 at 02:33
by: zed
How to chemically digest meat into AAs?
Dunno. I've got a procedure for Casein.
2-8-2021 at 02:22
by: zed
Is vulcanizing latex reasonable to DIY? Are there OTC chemicals to do it?
Jewelers Sometimes use a machine called a Vulcanizer. They use it for mold-making. Thin sheets of ...
31-7-2021 at 20:12
by: zed
Protecting groups for tertiary amines
As stated previously. Under some circumstances a protecting group is not required.

The molecule ...
30-7-2021 at 22:20
by: zed
How to effect a separation of two nearly identical cholesterols/steroids
Perhaps the Ketone will form an insoluble oxime. Easy-Peasey.

Other than that, column chromatogr ...
24-7-2021 at 21:48
by: zed
Ethanol and methanol interchangeability?
Sometimes they are interchangable, and sometimes they aren't.

It depends on the reaction.
21-7-2021 at 17:39
by: zed
POCl3 via P2O5 + NaCl in borosilicate glass?
Yeah. Way I remember it, he utilizes a large test-tube as his reaction vessel.

That test-tube s ...
18-7-2021 at 22:17
by: zed
Why did TNT become so universal?
Well, it would appear that TNT is relatively non-corrosive, meaning stable.

It would also appear ...
11-7-2021 at 21:30
by: zed
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