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Extraction of 5-HTP and decarboxylation to serotonin?
Well yes, you could do that. But, Melatonin is available directly to those of us in the U.S..

Mi ...
14-1-2019 at 19:08
by: zed
Schiffs base / imine with an amine salt?
Indeed, he is not making Meth. U.S. Department of Justice communications, suggest reacting a Grign ...
14-1-2019 at 19:02
by: zed
red P in EU
Red Phosphorus is difficult to purchase in the U.S..

Other places, perhaps not.

Big Pharma mig ...
9-1-2019 at 17:48
by: zed
LiAlH4 vs NaAlH4
NaAlH4 is generally much cheaper than the Lithium Salt. And it can, in fact, be made straight-away ...
7-1-2019 at 19:53
by: zed
Camphor reduction to borneol/isoborneol
Ummm. Read Na procedures. Borneol worked the best .

Sadly, best online Camphor reduction proced ...
7-1-2019 at 19:44
by: zed
Any fellow pakistani here?
Umm. We had a guy from United Arab Emirates, but I haven't seen a post in a while.

Alkali metals ...
5-1-2019 at 16:39
by: zed
Electrospinning experiments
Remember, I am not recording the vision of a madman. The sun does not more certainly shine in the he ...
5-1-2019 at 16:24
by: zed
Removing alkanes from an amine
Find another starting material.

Probably easier to build your target material from scratch, than ...
5-1-2019 at 15:57
by: zed
Removing fishy smell from air - possible?
Personal sensitivity to odors, varies over time.

Physical health, and psychological status, hold ...
5-1-2019 at 15:47
by: zed
Pharmaceuticals synthesis
Somewhere in my vast labyrinth of books, I have a copy of Gilmann's.

The way I remember it, it is ...
5-1-2019 at 15:24
by: zed
How to scrub ethyl acetate vapors before releasing into the outside air? Hundreds of neighbors are complaining.
Yup! Folks are complaining? Stinking up the neighborhood? Got laws against that.

You are in le ...
4-1-2019 at 17:51
by: zed
Anyone want to use my lab/equipment/chemicals ?

If I were in law enforcement, I wouldn't neglect to assign my minions, responsibility for m ...
8-12-2018 at 15:39
by: zed
A nearly-OTC enantioselective homogenous ruthenum reduction catalyst
Yup! Ruthenium isn't cheap right now. A year or two ago, it was around 60 bucks an ounce.

Still ...
27-11-2018 at 19:01
by: zed
Solvent for Potassium synthesis
Yup. We normally think of Aromatic Hydrocarbons, as being inert to Alkali Metals.

But, in this c ...
16-11-2018 at 15:26
by: zed
Hazardous concerns
There was a minor epidemic of Acetonitrile deaths, about 40 years ago.

Enough of them, that aler ...
7-11-2018 at 16:57
by: zed
Hazardous concerns
Well, seems to me, the methyl radical is pretty rapacious.... Meaning not very stable... Meaning un ...
6-11-2018 at 14:29
by: zed
Reduction of substituted 2-phenylnitroethenes to 2-phenylnitroethanes with NaBH4 - Maybe the greatest way to make tar
Well, now that we got to talking about Hantzsch Esters. They seem to work, and.....I can make 'em m ...
6-11-2018 at 13:48
by: zed
longer lasting cocaine analog
" How difficult?"

Possible for some; impossible for others.

Exactly what potent analog are yo ...
29-10-2018 at 16:49
by: zed
Looking for Information on 2-nitrotoluene
Thank you Waffles SS, your link was better than anything else I found floating around. There are a ...
26-10-2018 at 14:11
by: zed
Looking for Information on 2-nitrotoluene
Ummm; o-nitrotoluene?

Must be somewhere in Org.Syn., but I haven't located it yet.

http://ww ...
26-10-2018 at 13:21
by: zed
How do you draw benzene rings?
I am lazy. A circle inside a hexagon. Done. ...
23-10-2018 at 16:30
by: zed
Selling Some PCl5 (±250g)
Well, these folks claim a yield of about 50%.

Not great, but not the worst either.

http://www. ...
18-10-2018 at 12:15
by: zed
Hydrogen Embrittlement - when to worry about it
It isn't the rupturing of the gauges that I am concerned about. I'm talking about small inner-parts ...
18-10-2018 at 12:04
by: zed
Possible OTC, 'safe' methylating agents
Possibly because weird science people like us, might like to buy some (maybe a lot), and the busines ...
16-10-2018 at 13:00
by: zed
Possible OTC, 'safe' methylating agents

Well, you probably can't buy it at Ace hardware, but some pyrotechnics suppliers might have ...
16-10-2018 at 12:29
by: zed
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