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Latest chemical order?

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Kaifas - 4-2-2008 at 07:36

Mine is here - 13 bottles of ACS grade chemicals. What is yours?

chemicals.jpg - 290kB

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YT2095 - 4-2-2008 at 07:42

500g sodium nitrite
500g Ammonium Bifluoride
100g sodium hypophosphite.

SecretSquirrel - 4-2-2008 at 08:44

1L acetic acid, 1kg ammonium sulfate, 250g NaBr, 250g sodium acetate and Dimroth condenser with 50 cm jacket :)

Aikimike - 4-2-2008 at 09:50

100g. Boric Acid
100g., Stearic Acid
500g. Na Benzoate
1,2 Dichlorobenzene 100ml
1,3 Dichlorobenzene 100ml
1,4 Dichlorobenzene 50g
100g. CuOCl
500ml. Anhydrous Ethanol
500g. Na metal
1l. Methylene Chloride
500g. Sodium Dichromate
500g. Pentarythritol
50g. Na2S2O3
100g. I2
100g. Mercury metal
100ml. Universal Indicator liquid
500ml. Nitrocellulose solution
250g. Anti bumping Granules
250g. Anhydrous Sodium Carbonate
Decane 100ml
Hexachlorobutadiene 500ml
Cyanoacetic acid 250g.
500g. K2CO3
1000ml. Hexane
500g Oxalic Acid
250g Hydroquinnone
250g Ammonium Acetete
2kg phenol

YT2095 - 4-2-2008 at 10:01

Originally posted by Aikimike
100g. Boric Acid
100g., Stearic Acid
500g. Na Benzoate
1,2 Dichlorobenzene 100ml
1,3 Dichlorobenzene 100ml
1,4 Dichlorobenzene 50g
100g. CuOCl
500ml. Anhydrous Ethanol
500g. Na metal
1l. Methylene Chloride
500g. Sodium Dichromate
500g. Pentarythritol
50g. Na2S2O3
100g. I2
100g. Mercury metal
100ml. Universal Indicator liquid
500ml. Nitrocellulose solution
250g. Anti bumping Granules
250g. Anhydrous Sodium Carbonate
Decane 100ml
Hexachlorobutadiene 500ml
Cyanoacetic acid 250g.
500g. K2CO3
1000ml. Hexane
500g Oxalic Acid
250g Hydroquinnone
250g Ammonium Acetete
2kg phenol

where did you purchase all that from in one order?

Kaifas - 4-2-2008 at 10:17

Nice order!

Here is the list

All from Scharlau

500g. Potassium Chlorate
500g. Potassium Perchlorate
500g. Sodium Perchlorate
1000g. Sodium Chlorate
1000g. Potassium nitrate
500g. Potassium carbonate
500g. Sodium nitrate
500g. Strontium nitrate
500g. Barium nitrate
100g. Cu(II)chloride
100g. Cu(I)cyanide
500g. Copper(II)sulfate pentahydrate
250G. Copper powder

kaviaari - 4-2-2008 at 10:19

2,5l of HPLC grade methanol
100g of iodine
500g of anh. sodium sulfate
1kg of sodium hydroxide
100g of magnesium flakes
100g of pure sodium
1l of acetyl chloride
250g of benzophenone
250ml of brombenzene
1l of MTBE

I have been working with Gringard reactants. Which is somewhat clear when you go through the list.

YT2095 - 4-2-2008 at 10:22

Evidently Pyro uses in mind for those then?

although I think If I were going to be using it for Pyro I`d lose the sodiun nitrate and chlorate and get some Am Perc instead;)

microcosmicus - 4-2-2008 at 10:29

Unfortunately, where I am located (U.S.) buying a bunch of ACS grade
chemicals from a proper supplier is out of the question for reasons
thoroughly discussed in the legal issues forum :( My last purchase
was from the local ceramic supply store:


In the meanwhile, I picked up some HCl and similar odds and ends
from the hardware store.

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Aikimike - 4-2-2008 at 10:37

Ah, do Scharlau supply to private individuals?

YT2095, if you would like info on my supplier P.M. me please.

Kaifas - 4-2-2008 at 10:46

Sodium salts dissolves much better than potassium salts so it is reason to use both potassium and sodium. I use oxidizers to do some Copper perclorate (binds strongly to nitrogen bases) and copper(III) compounds and making different copper complexes . Copper(I)cyanade goes to Gillman reagents. Copper(II)chloride is starting material to do Glacer couplings. Copper powder goes to Ullman coupling reactions.

Sodium nitrate is exellent for mild nitration systems because of good solubility.

It is difficult to byu chemicals here too.

Jor - 4-2-2008 at 10:58

Originally posted by Aikimike
Ah, do Scharlau supply to private individuals?

YT2095, if you would like info on my supplier P.M. me please.

You can actually order from about every company you want. But be smart. Find an intermediate supplier, who sells to individuals, and as him to buy for you. They are a company and can order from such companies. My acids / solvents are from Acros/Baker/Fisher, and Im no company or school! I don't lie , look in Tour My Lab!

Aikimike - 4-2-2008 at 11:12

I know what you mean Jor. Its definaltely something that I am trying to look into but the main issue is that very few people are willing to act as an intermediate!

There is no doubt that I prefer chemicals from very well known companies, but I settle for getting everything I need from slightly less well known places :)

Thanks alot

Zinc - 4-2-2008 at 11:29

1l p.a. toluene
1l p.a. 36% formaldehyde
1l p.a. methyl ethyl ketone

organometallic - 4-2-2008 at 13:04

1kg sodium hydroxide
500g sodium dichromate
1kg calcium chloride
1L acetone
1L methanol

*bullshit deleted*

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Aikimike - 4-2-2008 at 13:36

I didn't know YT2095 had any 5-bromo-2methoxybenzaldehyde :)

I'll be honest, it was offered to me very cheaply so I decided that I'd get ahold of some, and then ironically post here to see what people thought to do with it.

I am getting 20g. only though...

Before anyone gets any ideas about some of the stuff there... I have absolutly no intentions whatsoever of doing anything illegal. I am just facinated by chemistry.

Chemical Order

MadHatter - 4-2-2008 at 20:03

Chlorowax, saran, strontium carbonate, air float charcoal, sodium benzoate - all pyro.

YT2095 - 5-2-2008 at 01:09

Originally posted by organometallic

YT2095, sorry for being nosy, but do you intend to react the 5-bromo-2methoxybenzaldehyde with nitroethane?

those aren`t mine, in fact I have very little in the way Organic chems here, and certainly no complex organics unless you count Metol the photo developer :)

organometallic - 6-2-2008 at 06:50

YT; Aikimike
Soz, stupidity on my part, i thought it was YTs.
Fair enough, its always better to stay legal.
Anyway i was talking shit.

Aikimike - 6-2-2008 at 16:39

Don't worry about it Organometallic!

And yes, I shall be staying on the right side of the law! No nitrostyrenes of 2,5 Dimethoxybenzaldehyde!

undead_alchemist - 6-2-2008 at 21:30

Magnesium Turnings and Palladium (II) Chloride

Kaifas - 7-2-2008 at 10:18

Palladium(II)chloride? Sounds like coupling reactions....


Swany - 7-2-2008 at 11:00

One gram each of the (III) chlorides of Ru, Ir, Os, Re, Rh. Not out of my pocket.

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undead_alchemist - 7-2-2008 at 11:29

Originally posted by Kaifas
Palladium(II)chloride? Sounds like coupling reactions....


I got it because it was very under priced. :D

Mumbles - 16-2-2008 at 20:05

Mine isn't nearly as chemically exciting as most of your guys'. I got a 55lb bag of soluble glutonous rice starch the other day. 10lbs of Titanium sponge not to long before that. That is assuming you don't count the lactic acid and burton salts I picked up yesterday at the home brew shop as chemical purchases. Not much pure chemistry for me as of late.

Last Order

MadHatter - 17-2-2008 at 17:46

1 LB each of:

Sodium Azide
Sodium Iodide
Sodium Phosphate(monobasic)

YT2095 - 18-2-2008 at 01:31

3x 1Kg tins of calcium carbide for my 1925 carbide lamp.

Jor - 18-2-2008 at 01:53

1 Liter 25% ammonia
100g hydrazine sulphate
500g zinc shavings
250g sodium persulphate
250mL ethylene diamine (for free :D)

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Nick F - 19-2-2008 at 05:27

20kg of iodine :D.

I must be mad...

panziandi - 24-2-2008 at 11:12

dimethyl carbonate 1L
propylene carbonate 250mL
sodium monochloroacetate 250g
hexamethyldisilazane 100mL

chemkid - 24-2-2008 at 11:31

KOH 30g
Strontium chloride 10g
pottasium chloride 30g
oxalic acid 30g
sulphuric acid 30mL
Pottasium permanganate 30g

CopperSulphate80 - 11-7-2009 at 06:45

also need to have beakers & co , some rooms , other

1281371269 - 11-7-2009 at 07:01

Quote: Originally posted by CopperSulphate80  
also need to have beakers & co , some rooms , other


My last order was 2.5l reagent grade sulphuric acid (collected on my bike from a biodeisler in Islington)

itchyfruit - 11-7-2009 at 07:36

Quote: Originally posted by Mossydie  
Quote: Originally posted by CopperSulphate80  
also need to have beakers & co , some rooms , other


My last order was 2.5l reagent grade sulphuric acid (collected on my bike from a biodeisler in Islington)

I bid on that (i don't know why i have 15 gallons of the stuff allready) but glad to see it went to a good home.
funny little place he has their anit, cool little workshop though!!

Jor - 11-7-2009 at 08:54

1L of p.a ethanol
1L of carbon tetrachloride (of wich I keep about 300mL myself)
50g of lead(II) acetate trihydrate
250g thiourea
0,1N AgNO3 Titrisol for 1L
40g of an unknown red compound, labelled as arsenic trioxide

Unfortunately I could not obtain the tetrabutylammonium hydroxide and periodic acid after all.

1281371269 - 11-7-2009 at 09:42

I was sure someone else from here would have seen it! And why didn't ebay remove the listing?

It took me a while to find the place and he was reluctant to hand it over too 'Why do you want so much, do you have a dead body to hide?'
I was tempted to reply 'not yet...' but instead listed off a few experiments that I needed it for :)
I didn't really see the workshop, does he do other chemistry or only biodeisel?

itchyfruit - 11-7-2009 at 10:18

I've had a few bits of him, he 's was into bio-chemistry, the bio-fuels came later i think.
i'm not sure it would be against Ebay rules so long as it's collected.
it is dodgy though, i'm just glad it didn't end up in the hands of the sort of people who thinks it's ok to throw it in their girlfriends face if she refuses to marry him, scum bags!!

Did you have the other bits of him too ?

1281371269 - 11-7-2009 at 12:59

Nope - I probably should have asked if he had any glycerol / NaOH / other biodeisel chemicals.

itchyfruit - 11-7-2009 at 13:45

He was selling some phosphoric acid, acetone,ind meth sprit, and some lithium.someone else must have had the rest!!
I think he allready sold most of his bio-chemistry stuff.
glycerol/naoh are fairly easy to get as are most bio-diesel chemicals.

1281371269 - 11-7-2009 at 13:48

Oh yeah no issue getting hold of them, but in the case of glycerol he probably has loads to get rid of

itchyfruit - 11-7-2009 at 13:58

only really handy if your local! you might have to get a trailer for your bike :D

Methyl.Magic - 12-7-2009 at 15:45

- Benzaldehyde 1l
- 2-Methoxybenzaldehyde 25g
- 2,5-Dimethoxybenzaldehyde 25g
- 3-Bromoanisole 10ml
- LiAlH4 25g
- Sulfuryl Chloride 250 ml
- s-butylamine 100ml
- i-butylamine 100ml
- n-propylamine 100ml
- oxalyl chloride 25ml
- silver nitrate 25g
- isopropanol 2l
- NaOH 1kg

panziandi - 12-7-2009 at 17:42

Copper (II) Bromide 250g
Cyanopropyldimethylchlorosilane 500g
Lithium Hydride 25g
Methanesulphonyl Chloride 1kg
Methyl Vinyl Ketone 2 x 500mL
Silicon Tetrachloride 500mL

iHME - 13-7-2009 at 03:26

My latest order:

500g Pentaerythritol
500g Iron powder
250g Zinc dust
500g Potassium chlorate
500g Aluminium dust
100g Iodine
200g Magnesium 116 microns
500g Sodium Benzoate
500g Hexamine tech.
200g Potassium Dichromate
200g Potassium Bromide
500g Manganese sulphate
500g Ammonium sulphate
1kg Amonium Nitrate pure
200g Barium Nitrate
200g Strontium nitrate
1kg Potassium Nitrate
500g Copper Sulfate
500g Sodium Nitrite
1kg sulfur

AgentOrange - 14-7-2009 at 10:58

* Acetic acid, glacial (100 mL)
* Acetone (125 ml)
* Aluminum turnings (25 g)
* Ammonia, aqueous, 6M (125 mL)
* Ammonium acetate (25 g)
* Ammonium chloride (25 g)
* Ammonium nitrate (40 g)
* Charcoal, activated (25 g)
* Copper(II) sulfate (250 g)
* Glycerol (25 mL)
* Hydrochloric acid, 37% (250 mL)
* Iron filings (25 g)
* Iron shot (100 g)
* Magnesium sulfate (50 g)
* Mineral oil (25 mL)
* Oxalic acid (25 g)
* Petroleum ether (100 mL)
* Phenolphthalein powder (1 g)
* Potassium hydrogen tartrate (25 g)
* Potassium permanganate (25 g)
* Sodium acetate (25 g)
* Sodium bicarbonate (50 g)
* Sodium bisulfite (25 g)
* Sodium borate (25 g)
* Sodium carbonate (100 g)
* Sodium hydroxide (100 g)
* Starch (25 g)
* Sulfur (25 g)
* Sulfuric acid, 98% (100 mL)

ammonium isocyanate - 14-7-2009 at 14:08

glacial acetic acid (30mL)
acetone (30mL)
petroleum ether (90mL)
ethyl acetate (30mL)
sulfuric acid 98% (120mL)
oxalic acid (30mL)
ammonia 10% (1 quart)
hydrochloric acid 31% (1 quart)
vinegar (1 quart)
isopropanol 91% (8 fl. ounces)
isopropanol 99% (16 fl. ounces)
charcoal (5 lbs)
trisodium phosphate (500g)
phenolphthalein (5g)
tryptophan (1g)
oleic acid (30mL)
cupric sulfate (25g)
hydrogen peroxide 30% (30mL)
hydrogen peroxide 3% (2 pints)
aluminium powder (4 ounces)
magnesium ribbon
magnesium powder (2 ounces)
silicon lumps (15g)
silver metal (2.6g)
sodium bicarbonate (250g)
sodium nitrate (2 ounces)
potassium hydroxide (2 ounces)
ammonium dichromate (2 ounces)
calcium oxide (4 ounces)
denatured alcohol (1 liter)
lead tetroxide (2 ounces)
manganese dioxide (2 ounces)
peanut oil (1 gallon)
coconut oil (8 ounces)
borax (1 lb)
sodium hydroxide + sodium nitrate (drain cleaning mixture) (8 ounces)
distilled water (2.5 gallons)
potassium iodide (2 ounces)
sulfur (2 ounces)
aerogel (100cc)
nichrome wire (10 ft)
zinc sulfate (5g)
lithium chloride (30g)
sodium carbonate, anhydrous (1 lb)
sodium bisulfate (4 ounces)
calcium carbide (2 ounces)
hexamine (2 ounces)
chloroethylamine hydrochloride (100g)

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lopos123 - 15-7-2009 at 11:23

Where do you buy your chemicals?

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Klute - 15-7-2009 at 11:39

2-bromopropionyl bromide
4-piperidone hydrate hydrochloride

ammonium isocyanate - 15-7-2009 at 16:11

I buy my chemicals at locals grocery store, hardware store, ebay, united nuclear, and home science tools.

Where do people get sulfuryl chloride? Ive seen several ppl with it on their recent orders but haven't been able to find a supplier. :(

Today I went down to the hardware store and picked up some teflon (for a thermite comp) and 1L of toluene. :)

Klute - 15-7-2009 at 20:14

I buy my reagents from Aldrich, Acros, Panreac, and the other "usual suspects".

Rich_Insane - 15-7-2009 at 21:23

Hey guys.

I'm just setting up my lab -- on an extremely tight budget.

I just bought 2 lbs of 99% KNO3 and 500 g of Ca(NO3)2 (Calcium nitrate for nitric acid production)

Can anyone recommend a nice source of acids, namely sulfuric. I am reluctant to buy it from the hardware store, I would like it very pure so nothing blows up in my face.

I also want to purchase methanol. i can find acetone, toluene, xylene, kerosene, and naphtha at ACE hardware..... but no methanol. And methanol is especially important to me. As is HCl which I have found in 31% concentration at ACE hardware as muriatic acid.

I have checked Acros for cyclohexanol (an alcohol I may be using -- I would only need 1 L).... it is quite expensive on my standards. I am looking in the $10-15 range..... laugh if you would like.

Phosphor-ing - 16-7-2009 at 03:39

Methanol can be distilled from gas line antifreeze/ water remover product called "Heet".

gnitseretni - 16-7-2009 at 07:36

Does it need to be distilled? I thought it was already relatively pure methanol. I use it as is to make methyl nitrate and never had a problem.

woelen - 28-7-2009 at 09:01

I just received a really cool set of chemicals for just GBP 24:

- 160 grams of RuO2
- 150 grams of CsAl(SO4)2.12H2O

Both chemicals usually are MUCH more expensive, so I was quite happy with the materials. The RuO2 is an active catalytical chemical (e.g. when added to bleach, the bleach at once starts bubbling, giving off oxygen). Another interesting property is that it dissolves in HCl easily, giving a deep red/brown solution, and when zinc is added to such a solution a deep blue solution is obtained of a Ru(2+)-species.

Klute - 28-7-2009 at 12:01

You are forming RuCl3.3H2O by adding it in HCl; I work with this compound all day long at work! You can form some nice complexes with RuCl3, complexes with benzene, p-cymene, etc This can be used to as starting material for much more complexes, notably complexes containing Ru-C bonds.. Let me know if you want some procedures!

woelen - 28-7-2009 at 22:39

Klute, are you sure about the making of RuCl3 by adding RuO2 to HCl? I tried it, but my RuO2 does not dissolve at all, not even on careful heating of the suspension of RuO2 in conc. HCl. Maybe my RuO2 is calcined and more inert than yours. I also have a book, which states that RuO2 is not attacked by acids.
How does your RuO2 look like? Mine is a black powder with a slight bluish hint, but calling it dark blue would be misleading.

If I, however, add the RuO2 to bleach, then part of the bleach decomposes, giving oxygen, and then I get a dark green and clear solution. The RuO2 fairly easily dissolves in the bleach. When I add this green solution to conc. HCl, then a very deep red solution is obtained (and chlorine is produced). When I add zinc to that deep red solution, then I obtain a beautiful blue solution, which is air-sensitive (on contact with air, a yellowish solution is obtained).

If you can give more information on RuO2 and the Ru-complexes you mentioned, then that would be very nice.

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JohnWW - 28-7-2009 at 22:55

I think that Klute is likely to be right about RuCl3, because Ru(III) compounds, homologous to those of Fe(III), or at least "high-spin" ones with relatively weak ligands, are energetically favored due to having five unpaired 4d electrons, one in each 4d orbital. Ru(II) compounds would be liable to oxidation by air.

Higher-valent Ru compounds, including the (VIII) tetroxide, RuO4 (obtainable by heating in oxygen), are much more easily obtained than those of Fe (of which ferrates (VI) are obtained only with strong alkaline oxidants, and perferrates(VII) and FeO4 are still unknown AFAIK although might just be obtainable by high-voltage electrolysis of supercooled alkaline ferrate(VI) solution).

Klute - 29-7-2009 at 07:33

Well, I use RuCl3 everyday, not RuO2, but considering the colour ou describ and the relative sensitivity of this oxide, I'm pretty sure this is what you are forming.

If you heat the chloride with cyclohexadiene (either 1,3 or 1,4) in aq. EtOh, you get [RuCl2(benzene)]2 dimer, a brick red powder insoluble in most solvents, I use this compound as precrusor for Ru-C complexes, by adding a bidendate ligand such as a phenylpyridine, you get a N-Ru bond and a cycloruthenation reaction between the ortho H of the phenyl ring, by C-H activation. The reaction is done in acetonitrrile, the benzene is replaced by 3 molecules of acetonitrile.

You can also form a arene complexe using phellandrene, this compound is much more stable and the arene is very hard to remove.

woelen - 29-7-2009 at 11:38

Ah, I see, you already start from hydrated RuCl3. That is different from my situation. I start with the ruthenium(IV) oxide, which I first need to dissolve in bleach. When this is done, then it can be reacted with hydrochloric acid to give the material you mention.

When the solution is reduced with zinc and the resulting liquid is allowed to stand for an hour or so, then the result is really nice. The blue ruthenium(II) species is very easily oxidized by oxygen from air.

After one day of standing, all of the liquid has turned yellow.

Jor - 20-10-2009 at 14:28

250g phosphorus pentoxide
250g sodium dithionite
100mL 55% hydrazine hydrate
25g vanillin
150g MnSO4.H2O
about 20g sodium nitroprusside
200g silicagel
50 K-ferricyanide
100g K-ferrocyanide

Still to come:
-100g tin(II)chloride
-10mL trifluoroacetic anhydride

Bikemaster - 20-10-2009 at 15:05

Where did you find you phosphorus pentoxide....i never see any where, where they was selling it.

Jor - 20-10-2009 at 15:18

Well... I bought it from Acros :) Just like the hydrazine hydrate, and many of my chemicals.

I dont buy directly, but via a local chemical supplier. I know him for long enough, I have a business relation, so he will order many things (except CWC-chems, severe poisons as cyanide, arsenic and thallium compounds, and some others). So I virtually have access to most chemicals, also things like chlorosulfonic acid, sulfuryl chloride, oleum, phosphorus, perchloric acid, etc. but I don't need these at the moment.
My only irritation is is that I can't buy thionyl chloride, wich I REALLY want so bad.

Try to find a local supplier buying from the big companies.

Where do you live? If you live in Europe, I have an interesting supplier for you, he sold me some sodium hypophosphite (100g) and phosphorus pentoxide (130g) for fair prices.

[Edited on 20-10-2009 by Jor]

Bikemaster - 20-10-2009 at 16:27

Sadly, i don't live in europe, i live in canada...
Did you ever think about synthesis the thionyl chloride? I think just just need sulfur, chloride, sulfur trioxide (maybe olem will do) and the right condition.


Bikemaster - 20-10-2009 at 16:29

Sadly, i don't live in europe, i live in canada...
Did you ever think about synthesis the thionyl chloride? I think just just need sulfur, chloride, sulfur trioxide (maybe olem will do) and the right condition.


Magpie - 20-10-2009 at 16:37


I have an interesting supplier for you, he sold me some sodium hypophosphite (100g) and phosphorus pentoxide (130g) for fair prices.

Jor, you ****! :P

devongrrl - 31-10-2009 at 06:29


2.5 ltrs of each

aonomus - 31-10-2009 at 13:27

Hmm, last order was a small one,

250g FeCl3 * 6H2O
500g NaSO4 anhyd
250g CaCl2 anhyd
2.5kg NaCl

Once all the labware is gathered, then I can do derivatives of benzoic acid and salicylic acid for fun...

woelen - 31-10-2009 at 15:55

My last order was

100 grams of Nd2O3
100 grams of Te (powder)
120 grams of La2(CO3)2
100 grams of Y2O3
some dyes (rhodamine B, methylene blue, malachite green)

I also ordered some non-chemical stuff

4 schottky diodes 1N5820
several coils with thousands of turns
a few xenon U-shaped discharge tubes
a few 1 F capacitors (so-called goldcaps)
some very high efficiency LED's (13000 mcd, 19000 mcd and even a few 40000 mcd LED's)

aonomus - 20-11-2009 at 21:38

So this is a little bit of a necro, but the thread is not that old. I just spent 2 days on and off distilling 1L of 'methyl hydrate' (claimed 99.9% methanol), but about 100mL remained before the temperature started to rise enough to justify chucking the remainder (ie: some sort of impurity that started to distill off at a higher temperature). I got probably about 800mL methanol, as pure and crystal clear as can be.

Also, my last order (spread out between a few sources):
Potassium hydroxide, 500g
Ferric chloride*5H2O, 500g
Potassium nitrate, 500g
Alum, 500g
Sodium sulfate anhyd., 500g
Oxalic acid, 100g
Ethylene glycol, 500mL
Sodium thiosulfate*5H2O, 500g
Sodium borohydride, 50g
Sodium chloride, 2.5kg
Ferrous sulfate, 100g
Boric acid, 100g
Benzoic acid, 100g
Sodium bisulfate, 100g
Sodium metabisulfite, 100g
Sodium iodide, 100g

Oh, and not shown here, but gotten, obtained, or made/purified from OTC stuff.
3kg NaOH pellets from Home Hardware, no aluminum flakes, just pure pellets (for $21! I was amazed I even saw it, I was tempted to grab more, but that would look suspicious)
1kg activated carbon
1L mineral oil for heating baths
~500g MgSO4 anhyd. from calcined epsom salts
~300g Na2CO3 anhyd. from calcined baking soda

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a_bab - 21-11-2009 at 00:18

This is so sad, aonomus.

Where I live, sodium hydroxide flakes runs for around 2 dollars/kg. You can buy the entire stock and nobody would raise an eye.

On the other hand, when I bought some 5 packs of sodium metabisulphite (100 grams each), I did get a raised eyebrow. Later at home I realized it was meant to be used on some 2000 liters of wine. Oh well...

aonomus - 21-11-2009 at 07:58

I live in Toronto, and I had to go to a suburb farther away just to find anything pure and not padded for your own safety....

carbonfeind - 10-12-2009 at 12:13

  1. 200ml glyoxal
  2. 100g hydroxylamine sulfate
  3. 100g lead acetate

Jor - 14-12-2009 at 04:58

Last 2 months I obtained some more reagents:

-250g phosphorus pentoxide
-100g potassium ferrocyanide
-50g potassium ferricyanide
-25g vaniline
-100mL 55% hydrazine hydrate
-250g sodium dithionite
-100g MgSO4.7H2O
-200g silicagel, powdered
150g MnSO4.H2O
-50g KCN (finally, I can make those lovely CN-complexes, I am currently working on K2[Ni(CN)4)]. I had 5 grams already, but now I have more).
-10g NaN3
-10ml trifluoroacetic anhydride
-100g SnCl2.2H2O
-150g pure zinc powder
-15g of sodium nitroprusside, Na2[Fe(CN)5NO].2H2O, wich are beautiful very large crystals (a few are about 1cm long).

woelen - 15-12-2009 at 04:25

Again, I also have purchased some interesting things:

More opamps, capacitors, diodes, transistors and other electronics goodies. I also purchased a few IN14 and IN3 nixie tubes and high voltage driver IC's for them, just for the fun of it. Lovely retro stuff ;) I can make a clock of these IN14's, but I also consider making a digital readout with them for a digital multimeter circuit, using high precision opamps like the LME 49710 opamps for the preamp section (max. voltage offset just a few tens of microvolts without offset balancing) and standard integrating AD-converter circuits for the readout. It would be lovely to have a high-precision digital meter using really high-quality components, while have a retro sixties readout.

I also purchased a few new and rare chemicals for very low prices (shutdown of supplier, I purchased some remaining chems for highly reduced prices):

- 100 grams of I2O5
- Barium metal (a single stick for my element collection, sample is appr. 100 grams)
- 100 ml of diacetyl. This stuff looks like liquid chlorine, including the yellow/green vapor, but it is not really toxic and has the nice smell of butterscotch when highly diluted.

And finally, I was given 100 grams of LiAlH4 in a sealed metal can, which has a little plastic bag inside. I did not yet open the can, because I have no direct use for this compound. I myself would never have purchased this (it is very expensive, but also rather dangerous to handle), but it was given to me by the same supplier, for free because he had no use for it anymore. If anyone of you has some nice inorganic experiments in mind with this compound, then it would be nice to know of them. For the time being I'll keep it in its metal can, safely sealed, keeping the material fresh.

mr.crow - 15-12-2009 at 07:32

- 50g sodium metal
- 0.5g platinum wire
- 5g palladium
- 1g of gold

Nice little collection :)

Not much in terms of reagents recently, maybe during the spring when I can do some more experiments.

I love IN14 tubes, I have a clock I put together from a kit that uses those and it looks really nice.

I also have a bag of 100 IN3 tubes from Russia and most of them are worthless. The light always comes from a corner instead of the center of the plate. Horrible soviet quality.


pip - 4-1-2010 at 08:26

Sorry for kinda going off topic but: I found a website based in east europe that takes paypal and sells RP. I've decided to try and order and I was wondering if 500g was too much to try and buy or go for 100g. I don't need RP at all right now and definately won't need alot but with how hard it is to find ordering "a lifetime supply" makes the most sence except for the fact that I live in the usa and i'm ordering a half kilo RP. So whats your take and please no: for the sake of god don't order, the question is 500g once or try 100g and good luck when I run out years from now.

mnick12 - 4-1-2010 at 11:54

Dear Pip,
I would be very careful about ordering chemicals outside of the US if you live in the US. ESPECIALLY DEA listed materials, the reason being that anything coming from the outside of the US goes through customs. And you can bet that if they find 100 or 500 grams of a list 1 material going to an unlicensed person, that there will a lot of trouble for that person. Anyway I hope you take this into consideration before you order.

woelen - 5-1-2010 at 01:11

Please do not order the phosphorus from that website if you are in the USA. Parcels from that country (I know which company you are talking about, the company is a legit and good company) WILL be checked and if they find red P in it then you will have BIG BIG trouble. Sad for you, but if you live in the USA then don't bother with ordering chemicals from an EU-based company. For us in the EU it is the same with fantastic sources in the USA like Chemsavers and United Nuclear where we cannot order things for exactly the same reason (e.g. I would love to have some depleted uranium, but it is forbidden over here and ordering from the USA is way too much of a risk, so I accept not having this). You should accept the limitations of not being able to get some reagents just as we also should accept limitations on other reagents which can be purchased in the USA but not in the EU.

[Edited on 5-1-10 by woelen]

JohnWW - 5-1-2010 at 01:34

You could go to U$ Customs to request a license to import the stuff, in advance of ordering it from overseas. Otherwise, you will just have to make your own red P, e.g. by reducing materials like phosphate rock, or ground and calcined bones, although it would be only technical-grade. Alternatively, I wonder if you could get it in Canada or México, and somehow smuggle it across the border; drug-sniffing dogs cannot detect it.

watson.fawkes - 5-1-2010 at 05:27

Quote: Originally posted by pip  
I found a website based in east europe that takes paypal and sells RP.
Importing List I chemicals, which includes red phosphorus, without a license is a Federal crime under the diversion law. Getting a license is not economical for small quantities. The rationale for this is that the diversion law directly regulates the nexus of manufacture and sales, not of end use. By importing, you originate a nexus within the US, acting as a new origin of the material just as a manufacturer is, hence triggering regulation.

Purchasing red P from a domestic supplier is not a crime. The transaction, however, must be recorded and may be reported and inspected.

If you want to avoid an information trail, you can legally synthesize it yourself for your own use.

hissingnoise - 5-1-2010 at 06:03

If it's illegal to possess P, isn't its production likely to be illegal too. . .

entropy51 - 5-1-2010 at 06:27

It's not illegal to possess, but it's illegal to use to make controlled substances. Therefore if you're caught with RP, I2 and have some decongestant tablets in the medicine chest BOOM. The forensic chemist will testify that nothing else can be made with this combination of 3 chemicals and the jury will convict because they never heard of anyone having chemistry as a hobby.

It's illegal to manufacture, import, export, or sell without all the paperwork I believe.

It's not illegal to buy, but you absolutely do go on The List.

Disclaimer: I ain't no lawyer.

hissingnoise - 5-1-2010 at 07:23

Well, practically illegal by dint of its being a List1 chemical. . .


pip - 5-1-2010 at 08:55

I live right by (relatively) united nuclear, they do have some cool stuff. I have no interest in the chemical everyone knows RP was made illegal over, This really sucks that they can't just make the pseudo totally illegal and leave basic elements alone.

I thought that owning rp was legal as long as there is no intent to commit a crime, like iodine and sinus pills right by. If I wasn't so lazy I would scrape match books and have a unlimited supply.

I guess I will just do the matchbook thing as I don't even need the rp I just appreciate when somthing rare shows up unexpected I try to get it what ever it is. car parts, chemicals, anything.

to return to topic

100g sodium metabisulfite
100g potassium metal
50g sodium metal
1l benzene
100g sodium formate

aonomus - 5-1-2010 at 12:49

I wouldn't call it so much an 'order' but free score. Lab tech was chucking out a bunch of vials that had IrCl3 in them, but was wet, so I saved them, combined, and dried out again, giving me about 0.5g.

Its not much, but considering 1g of reagent grade IrCl3 hydrate costs $155 from Sigma Aldrich (the original source), its a score!

iHME - 6-1-2010 at 09:49

4l Reagent grade H2SO4
0.5l Reagent grade (24%) HCl
0.5l Reagent Grade H2O2

Also bought some oven cleaner with monoethalonoamine with sights set at pentryl.

Klute - 9-1-2010 at 05:43

Aluminium Isopropoxide 100G
Ethyl bromoacetate 100mL
Acetophenone 100mL

going for strawberry aroma! And finally black currant hopefully..

mnick12 - 16-1-2010 at 10:46

My last order was,
500ml trimethyl phosphate
250ml chloroform
500ml n-butyl alcohol
Not much but enough to do some cool experiments.

mnick12 - 9-4-2010 at 22:03

Bah I know this is an old thread but I could not resist.

2x500ml 30%H2O2
2x500ml 70% HNO3
500gr KBr
500gr NaNO2
100gr Co(NO3)2
500gr MnCO3
500gr KOH
3x .5'x5' carbon electrode
270ml crucible with handle

Not a ton of stuff, but certainly enough to have some fun with. Oh and most this stuff is for making anodes.

Jor - 11-4-2010 at 10:53

-2g Pd powder
-0,5g Pt powder (extracted from teeth)
-50g sodium hypophosphite (already had 100g)
-25g hydroxylammonium chloride
-17g of dental gold fillings (of wich less than about 2g is porcelain). It is supposed to be Orion GX gold, so 84% gold, 8% Pt, and 5% Pd). I got these for about 110 euro.
-75g ammonium perrhenate (for 45 euro)

I am soon getting some more reagent grade HCl and ammonia, some glassware and common stuff like spatulas and pipettes and 3 nickel crucibles (already have one) for 6 euro.

Skyjumper - 11-4-2010 at 18:27

We just passed in a purchase order for
500ml 30% H2O2
500g MgSO4
100g Silver Nitrate
2kg washing soda

[Edited on 12-4-2010 by Skyjumper]

Jor - 12-4-2010 at 01:15

Monovalent magnesium! That must have cost a lot! ;)

Lambda-Eyde - 12-4-2010 at 03:19

Well... I accidentaly ordered 250 g of POCl<sub>3</sub> from Chiron yesterday, but I cancelled the order. :P

1281371269 - 13-4-2010 at 04:20

I finally got round to ordering some distilled water. So much cheaper and easier than making it for myself.

mr.crow - 13-4-2010 at 07:03

500mL of ACS grade HCl

Yeah its boring but I can make some Aqua Regia now!

Mildronate - 16-4-2010 at 22:42

1000ml NH4OH . Last week i was making Aqua Regia at job :)

Ephoton - 17-4-2010 at 22:30

NaCl at the supermarket.

I needed to change the ionic state of my roast lamb :D

peach - 1-5-2010 at 06:13

1,000lbs ergotamine

JohnWW - 1-5-2010 at 08:10

Gosh, what could you possibly use 1,000 lbs or 454 Kg - nearly half a tonne - of ergotamine for, derived from the ergot fungus that grows on rotting grain and grass seeds? I have an idea that stuff can be used as an intermediate in the synthesis of LSD; if so, how many "trips" could you get out of that much?

[Edited on 1-5-10 by JohnWW]

peach - 1-5-2010 at 09:50

Quote: Originally posted by JohnWW  
Gosh, what could you possibly use 1,000 lbs or 454 Kg - nearly half a tonne - of ergotamine for, derived from the ergot fungus that grows on rotting grain and grass seeds? I have an idea that stuff can be used as an intermediate in the synthesis of LSD; if so, how many "trips" could you get out of that much?

[Edited on 1-5-10 by JohnWW]

too many. :D

Ask Mr Pickard about that. :P He's in jail pending a presidential pardon for his adventures now, after they'd arrested him THREE TIMES before in acid labs. Got to admire his spirit. Rather than fighting the police with threats or guns he simply ran away when they tried to arrest him again, outrunning the young state troopers following him, aged 50+. FLY MY PRETTY, FLY! :D If he was involved in anything else, the guns would have been out. His work could be considered harmful by so many, but I bet the guy was one of the most harmless people on earth to know. You can see his work in his eyes and smile; it's unmistakable.

I'm not a dumb hippy, I love the police and appreciate that they're trying to look after us all. Pickard is just funny as hell. No guns, just running.

[Edited on 1-5-2010 by peach]

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