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Author: Subject: How toxic are Beryllium compounds really ?
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[*] posted on 30-9-2021 at 00:53

Quote: Originally posted by zed  
Beryllium is bad shit. Fifty years ago, we talked about it plenty. I had a buddy that usta built electronic prototypes utilizing power transistors. Apparently Beryllium Oxide has excellent thermal conductivity. Mix it with a little grease. and slather it between your Heat-sink and your Power Transistor.

I have worked in electronics almost 50 years ago but I have never seen a tube of heat sink compound that contained beryllium oxide and never saw an advert for any either.

I briefly worked in one factory where they assembled power supplies that contained a power transistor insulated by an anodised sheet of aluminium. It was a common belief among the assembly workers that the sheet contained poisonous beryllium because of its grey color.

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[*] posted on 16-10-2022 at 11:08

Beryllium (or maybe beryllium salts) is in the tip of some magnetrons from microwaves, where the microwaves are emitted.
I have heard that if the tip is damaged one should be careful, especially if there is dust or fine material from the damaged tip.
Maybe they have stopped using beryllium in magnetrons now but im not sure.
As a side note, i have a beryllium piece about 7 or 8 grams in my element collection.
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[*] posted on 16-10-2022 at 15:04

I have a gram of Be spheres in an ampoule in my element collection and also a small 3 gram rod sealed in plastic. I do not foresee a reason to open either one. To me, Be is neither interesting nor desirable. I am sure I can handle it safely but the risks far outweigh the rewards because the rewards are so low.
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