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Author: Subject: Chevreul's Salt.
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[*] posted on 14-4-2016 at 08:21

Quote: Originally posted by Chemist_Cup_Noodles  
I think it would be beneficial to perform a recrystallization of this fascinating salt. I have already thrown some pretty good polar solvents at it, and I wasn't very hopeful they would work at all but it was all that I have. I'm sure maybe toluene or xylene would do the trick. I haven't seen any data at all on this salt's solubility so maybe it's up to us to generate it.

It's a salt, and you think it will dissolve in toluene? Good luck.

Acetonitrile *might* work, but you may not get the original salt back.

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[*] posted on 14-4-2016 at 08:43
This is my article about chevruls salt, if I would ever succesfully recrystalize it, I'll add it to the article.

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[*] posted on 15-4-2016 at 15:20

Just curious, has DMSO ever been tried? Sorry, I don't know my solvents too well...

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[*] posted on 11-2-2017 at 14:24

Just to add on a little bit here.. I recently preformed the experiment outlined by Mrhomescientist ( but did so with 3x the reagents. After mixing the two solutions I decided to heat a large amount of it, and finish the experiment outlined above, but a small amount of it I decided to try and produce the salt with a slow evaporation. (I also wanted to see if it affected the crystal size)

While the slow evaporation DID work, it took quite a long time, and many impurities remained in the evaporation dish (most of which were unreacted reagents). The crystal size didn't increase any significant amount.
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[*] posted on 13-2-2017 at 07:02

Interesting! Glad the experiment worked for you. Woelen was able to make slightly larger crystals on his site:
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