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Author: Subject: Ammonium Sulfate to Ammonium Sulfide

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[*] posted on 7-2-2005 at 21:52

Originally posted by AngelEyes
I belive that the commercial stuff is a weak solution of <10 percent iirc.

I have a (dubious) preapration here, and it is presented as is. I do not claim to have tried it nor do I claim to fully understand the reaction that is supposed to be happening here.

<i>To make some, you mix four ounces of sulfur with eight ounces of hydrated lime
in a stew pot (at least half-gallon capacity). A quart of water is added and
the mess is heated and stirred until the sulfur has completely blended. The
hydrated lime will sink to the bottom of the pan and yellow liquid is then
poured off into a bucket.

Take the bucket outside, if you have any sense, and add one pound of sulfate
of ammonia. Stir it a minute and hold your nose. Then cover the bucket with
plastic wrap and let it set for about a half hour. Then pour off the liquid
slowly through a cloth filter into a bottle. If you don't have an outside you
can use your bathroom. Just hope no one has to go for an hour or so. The
liquid is vile but it is not poison.

Sulfur may be obtained from rose dust (an insecticide) which is very high
grade and makes excellent gunpowder. Rose dust has 10% inert ingredients so
10% more should be added to any formula requiring sulfur. Rose dust and
sulfate of ammonia (a fertilizer) may be purchased in the garden department of
a home improvement/hardware store. </i>

I think it reacts the lime with sulpur and get Calcium Suphide which reacts with the Ammonium salt to give an insoluble ppt of CaSO<sub>4</sub> and Ammonium Sulphide in solution...but am fully prepared to be corected on that.

Hi there. I don't know much about chemistry at all so excuse my lack of knowledge. I really love stink bombs and have been buying a lot lately (pulling gags on my friends and stuff). I recently came accross a a site that told me how to make my own. It told me to basically put match heads in a jar, fill it with ammonia and let it sit for a week with the cap on. I have a huge jar of sulfur precipitate. If I mix that and ammonia together, would it work? Would I still have to wait a week? If I wanted to use the instructions above, could I use the sulfur precipitate and hydrated lime? Thnaks guys.
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[*] posted on 8-2-2005 at 14:37

I don't think that wout work. With the hydrated lime it definatly wouldn't work. Calcium Sulfide doesn't decompose like ammonium sulfide so you wouldn't get the lovely H2S, at least without being able to mix it with an acid on breakage.

I don't believe that match heads contain elemental sulfur so I don't think the other method you described would work. I think they have antimony sesquisulfide.
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[*] posted on 17-5-2005 at 20:09
Ammonium sulfide

Originally posted by Reverend Necroticus Rex
I tried bubbling H2S into the standard ammonia water available in the UK (I can't recall the exact %)

I gassed it for a fair while, and an orangy-yellow liquid formed, I didn't try to seperate it out as crystals, but stored it in the form as is.

After a while something looking like sulfur seperated out as a spongy disk on the top of the solution in the bottle, it always does this.

Sounds like you guys are getting some formation of ammonium polysulfide, which has a non-stoichiometric composition that can be... a messy, yellow-orange mass, containing even some free sulfur.

I'm also wondering if prolonged bubbling of the H2S will in itself produce the polysulfide. It is quite possible-- I have to try it until I get the same result.

Is any of the molten wax-sulfur mixture boiling over into your receiving tube?
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