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Author: Subject: Making Tablets / Pills

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[*] posted on 15-10-2006 at 09:38
Making Tablets / Pills

I would like to presses ascorbic acid in a tablet. I can freely use binders / disintegrants: lactose, microcrystalline cellulose. Stearic acid and magnesium stearate as lubricants in a dry formulation. And obviously a source of a regular crystalline pharmaceutical grade L-ascorbic acid ~325 mesh.

But it is "impossible" to find any procedure and/or referenced material in the net.

I would be very grateful in sharing this knowledge.
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[*] posted on 15-10-2006 at 09:57

them make Capsules instead :)

failing that you`ll need a tablet press or a pill roller.

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[*] posted on 15-10-2006 at 10:14

Well if you had a tableter I'm sure the manufacturer could help you out.

But, I hope your not in the USA cause tableters are strictly regulated.
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[*] posted on 15-10-2006 at 13:59

I'm not sure who it was, but I'm pretty sure I saw someone that had a homemade pellet maker; it was of pretty simple construction, just a few parts that could be picked up at a local hardware store, or the like...

Included is a picture, whoever made this might be able to provide you more information
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[*] posted on 15-10-2006 at 14:05

Darkblade that is my picture. I made it for making soda-lime pellets, IIRC. It will work fine if you just want to make a few pellets. But if you want to go into production it would get a little tedious. Search "pellet press" and Magpie if you want to see it in more detail. ;)

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[*] posted on 16-10-2006 at 01:40

I remember seeing a setup or two using a hydraulic bottle jack and a machined block/pegboard on that former bee site but damned if I can find it now. Maybe someone has it archived. - there were three pieces in a frame like a bearing press - a pegboard style block in the top with pegs of steel the size of the tablet another block with holes drilled all the way through and a third block under that which you could slide out allowing you to push the pressed pellets through the bottom. The thread had ton's of equations as far as the force required, discussion as to the proper metals required and required ratios of tableting additives - but that's all that I remember.

Sorry I can't elaborate any more.
Good luck

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