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Author: Subject: Morphine question
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[*] posted on 14-12-2016 at 07:58
Morphine question

First of all i just want everyone to know i have absolutely NO morphine or narcotics and i dont do narcotic-based chemistry. Its just that i saw this synth on Rhodium and i was like this cant be true. So i was hoping to just see if the chemistry part is correct. I dont care that its a drug like i said i have no way to get morphine and have no intention of doing this im just very curious. Anyways the synth is

5 grams morphine was dissolved in 50 ml of alcohol and after the addition of 0.5g of palladium black, the mixture was refluxed for 4 hours. After the catalyst wass filtered off and the solution concentrated, dihydromorphinone crystallized. Yield 3 grams.

Dihydromorphinone is Hydromorphone. I always thought it took at least 2 synths to get from Morphine to Hydromorphone or Codeine to Hydrocodone. So to see that it was possible with just a simple reflux was very interesting. Is this true?
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[*] posted on 14-12-2016 at 12:42

Detritus question more like.

As i understand it, you can ask about Anything here, even get a useful answer or two.

The proviso is that you must put in at least a little bit of Effort first.

Effort being defined as Action, not Words.

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[*] posted on 14-12-2016 at 15:08

The Rhodium page includes the references.

Look them up.

Then you will know more about it than anyone here, most likely.

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[*] posted on 14-12-2016 at 16:47

Wiki-hydromorphone: "Hydromorphone is made from morphine either by direct re-arrangement (made by reflux heating of alcoholic or acidic aqueous solution of morphine in the presence of platinum or palladium catalyst) or reduction to dihydromorphine (usually via catalytic hydrogenation), followed by oxidation with benzophenone in presence of potassium tert butoxide or aluminium tert butoxide (Oppenauer oxidation). The 6 ketone group can be replaced with a methylene group via the Wittig reaction to produce 6-Methylenedihydrodesoxymorphine, which is 80× stronger than morphine"

That didn't take much lookin

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[*] posted on 14-12-2016 at 18:45

No links to, or sources cited for your information?

Apparently easily googled?

Spoon feeding request for opiates?


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