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Author: Subject: Any interest in lab stands?
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[*] posted on 3-3-2018 at 18:56

Well I can understand wanting a threaded pole certainly, it's just if you wanted to make it another way, say if you didn't have taps and/or dies.
But really putting a rod in the freezer and pulling the trigger on a torch isn't a lot of effort or time if you weren't going to be taking it apart over and over. And like I said if the rod placed in the hole was just snug, it would probably be fine like that without anything at all done to it.

I've a small and large metal lathe and metric and English taps and dies so it's not like I have anything against them. I will say I prefer working with aluminum though being softer.

If you made a tapered hole you could ever so slightly swage/broaden the rod at the bottom of the base and slip/feed the narrow end first in from the bottom, pull it through the hole, and it would hold fast like that. One little tap of a hammer if stuck and it would come free each time you wanted to disassemble the stand - maybe faster than unscrewing a rod if you had something solid nearby to give it a tap to free it - or invert the stand use the floor to pop the rod free.
Or you could weld a little tube to the base and do it that way, just sleeve the rod in the tube, essentially a hole above the plate, same as just drilling a hole.

In a way it's fun to try to think of different ways to make something, each having advantages and disadvantages of course. If the hole was halfway precise just a quick shot of some torch heat on the plate would be enough to expand it so that any rod put inside the hole would stay put rock solid upon cooling, until again a few seconds of flame to remove it - you know like that ball and ring trick where either the ring is heated or conversely the ball chilled in nitrogen to allow it to pass through the hole. Yet another variation.
Heat - Ball and Ring

Perhaps a vague analogy would be like some Japanese carpenters who pride themselves by making furniture without nails or screws. You guys are a tough crowd and yes I appreciate the common sense rational of using threads.

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