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Author: Subject: Cyanuric Acid from NaDCC (Stabilized Chlorine Tablets)

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[*] posted on 27-4-2018 at 15:54
Cyanuric Acid from NaDCC (Stabilized Chlorine Tablets)

After finding out most swimming pool stores aren't selling "Chlorine Stabilizer" anymore (only "Stabilized Chlorine"), I started to research if there was an alternative route, and realized that the "Stabilized Chlorine" is actually Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate, which can be converted back to Cyanuric Acid as described here.

I tried to sketch the reaction mechanism, which sounds like a straightforward electrophilic attack on the oxygens with the halogen acting as a leaving group. I'd guess the negative oxygen is attacked first, yielding NaCl as a by product, and then the other oxygens yielding chlorine gas. Since the latter is poisonous, and I could have some HCl release as well, I'd need to run this outdoors.

Is heat necessary to conduct the reaction? It wasn't mentioned in the post, so I'm assuming it doesn't.

Also, from what I wrote down on the reaction, my final solution would have Cyanuric Acid, NaCl (in the same proportion), dissolved HCl and Cl2. Chlorine gas is not as soluble as HCl on water: about 7g/kg of water (~0.1 mol), opposed to HCl 720g/kg of water (~20 mols). But it will react to form more HCl and HOCl. So my main concern after conducting the reaction would be to get rid of the HCl (or most of it) before bringing the solution back indoors. Would I need to boil most of the solution and then complete it with water again before recrystalization? It would be much easier to do the recrystalization indoors, so I'm just thinking of a way to make it safe, by getting rid of most HCl first.

I'm still trying to trace a methodology before running the experiment, since I'll have to deal with some limitations. I don't have an outdoor area, so I'll need to find a quiet open air place to run the experiment. Heating will probably be limited to portable sources of heat because of that.
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[*] posted on 27-4-2018 at 16:27

Cyanuric acid is not terribly soluble in water. Washing out the NaCl, HCl and dissolved chlorine should not be too difficult. You should not incur too much loss.

After vacuum filtering and washing I think you should be able to bring it indoors without issue.

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