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Author: Subject: Where do you get your chemicals

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[*] posted on 8-4-2007 at 06:46
Where do you get your chemicals

I read some of your posts about the scariest chemicals you own, and I felt quite jealous when I heard of your stockrooms. By far, the hardest chemical to find is Hydrochloric Acid (it's even been removed from deck cleaner). I have a chem C3000, which I am getting a little bored with. What can I say, I want chemicals. Here is a list of what I want:

<li>Hydrochloric acid</li>
<li>Nucleic acids</li>
<li>Benedict's solution</li>
<li>Citric Acid</li>
<li>Metals and anything else you can name</li>

Also, can you point me in the direction of some good graduate level chem and mathematics texts. I live in Raleigh, North Carolina. I don't want to be suspected of doing anything illegal

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[*] posted on 8-4-2007 at 07:15

Most of the chemicals you listed can easily be bought in stores in pure form, like citric acid monohydrate, NaOH, hydrochloric acid (from 19% to 37%, depends on country), ethanol (96%), many metals like Cu, Zn, Al, Fe, Pb...
Agar can be bought in pharmacies (or at least they can order it for you).
Benedict's solution needs to get prepared and all the required material can be bought in stores (CuSO4, Na2CO3 and citric acid).
Nucleic acids can be isolated from biological materials but there is an innumerable possible combination of sequences of nucleosides and consequently an innumerable possible number of nucleic acids. Plasmids and other such nucleic acids with a known sequence can be synthesized from the cDNA by biochemical methods of which perhaps someone else can tell you more.

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[*] posted on 8-4-2007 at 07:39

HCl is available at Ace hardware for around $7 / gallon. It is sold as "Muriatic Acid."

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[*] posted on 8-4-2007 at 08:58

Ace sells the 31% acid. Home Depot also sells HCl. I can't speak for the area you live
in but here in the Mid-Atlantic, it and H2SO4 are readily available at most hardware

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[*] posted on 8-4-2007 at 09:10

I only have a few things. Some stuff I got from thechemistrystore, some I got from sheffield pottery, some I got off ebay.
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