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A plastic burette capable of holding two burettes.

A burette clamp is a lab equipment used to hold and secure a burette on a stand, so that a burette is fixed and more convenient for the experiment.


Burette clamps are single or double Y-shaped items, with a C-shaped opening, which have spring action clamps. Commonly made or metal (aluminium or zamak) or plastic, usually PE. The metal variety has 2 or 4 spring action clamps, depending on the model, 2 on each opening, while the plastic ones only have one on each side, in the middle of the C-shaped opening. They can be attached to a metal rod through a screw clamp.

Some very simple burette clamps consist only of a bent elastic PE or metal strips, like this one.

Burette clamps are fixed on retort stands.


Burette clamps can be bought online or from lab suppliers.


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