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A small wooden keg, that used to hold coffee, now holding small lab-related items.

A keg is a small barrel, used for storing various powdered materials or other small size items.


Kegs come in cylindrical and bilge shapes. They are often made of hardwood. Kegs for liquids has a single opening on one end, called a bung, while other kegs simply have a detachable lid.

Kegs with a more cylindrical shape are often made of plastic or metal.


Kegs can be bought from many stores and online.



Since wood does not have significant chemical resistance, you must never use wooden kegs to store corrosive reagents. Dry solid inert reagents are compatible with wood, and can be kept in such containers. Alternatively, you can also place said powdered material in a bag, before placing it in the keg.

Although wood is flammable, kegs are often used to store flammable energetic materials like black powder, since wood does not build static charge and thus cannot accidentally ignite the extremely flammable energetic powder.

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