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A roller mixer, also called tube roller, bottle roller, bottle mixer, tube roller mixer is a type of lab equipment used mainly in biochemistry and medicine, which provides gentle an continuous rocking and rolling motions, ideal for mixing tubes or bottles with various liquids, such as liquid-solid suspensions, viscous substances and blood samples.


Roller mixers consist of a device with several parallel tough cylinders, powered by an electric motor. The speed is controlled with a small panel.


Roller mixers are sold by lab suppliers. They can also be bought online, from eBay.

DIY roller mixer

You can make a roller mixer by connecting an electric motor to one or more solid cylinders. A potentiometer allows you to control the speed.

You can also use a ball mill as a crude roller mixer, though because it it rotates at very high speeds, you may have to lower its speed.


  • Mix suspensions
  • Continuous mixing for liquids that tend to coagulate (like blood)

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