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The Short Questions Thread (4)
Sounds like more trouble than its worth. We were just curious what it would be like.
We dont think ...
10-5-2016 at 22:08
by: Ba(ClO3)2
How safe would Th(ClO3)4 flash powder be?
We are thinking of making a bit of thorium chlorate.

Would setting off a small amount of thorium ...
10-5-2016 at 19:44
by: Ba(ClO3)2
Making Thorium metal
We have read most of Dan Vizine's thread.

He obtained the thorium in powder form. We think this w ...
10-5-2016 at 00:22
by: Ba(ClO3)2
Making Thorium metal

That looks doable. Sadly we only have enough ThO2 for one attempt.

guess we'll just hav ...
9-5-2016 at 20:32
by: Ba(ClO3)2
Making Thorium metal
we recently obtained some thorium dioxide from tungsten electrodes. We purified it and were left wit ...
9-5-2016 at 17:15
by: Ba(ClO3)2
making barium metal
could you please elaborate on how you did this?

barium oxalate doesn't seem that hard to make.
30-4-2016 at 23:54
by: Ba(ClO3)2
we've been thinking about making a bit of ethyl bromide.

does it have to be stored in the lab fre ...
30-4-2016 at 20:09
by: Ba(ClO3)2
making barium metal
We've been trying to find I good way to make barium metal at home.

After a bit of research we ca ...
30-4-2016 at 18:27
by: Ba(ClO3)2

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