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Folder Nurdrage makes HBr Syn the Sizer Chemistry in General 9 183
28-3-2020 at 00:38
by chornedsnorkack
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Folder How to crystalise Aluminium chloride hexahydrate vibbzlab Beginnings 0 8
27-3-2020 at 23:16
by vibbzlab
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Folder eBay messed up my order, what should I do with 50kg of ammonium nitrate? josh1037 Reagents and Apparatus Acquisition 0 20
27-3-2020 at 21:42
by josh1037
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Hot Folder Less than 1 troy ounce platinum CELamCheng Reagents and Apparatus Acquisition 17 361
27-3-2020 at 18:50
by draculic acid69
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Hot Folder Q: Making sodium cyanide from sodium cyanate and sodium metal B.D.E Chemistry in General 17 447
27-3-2020 at 18:29
by draculic acid69
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Folder Confirming the presence of chloromethane Σldritch Beginnings 2 66
27-3-2020 at 18:03
by draculic acid69
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Folder Factors that decide if a fume hood is good or bad? Draeger Reagents and Apparatus Acquisition 2 44
27-3-2020 at 17:54
by Sulaiman
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Folder Lead(II,IV) Oxide - Minium - Pb3O4 TGWS Beginnings 5 109
27-3-2020 at 17:38
by yobbo II
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Folder Formamide from urea njl Organic Chemistry 2 62
27-3-2020 at 17:26
by njl
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Folder Suggestion : Buy yourself an oxygen generator NOW Sulaiman Reagents and Apparatus Acquisition 10 357
27-3-2020 at 13:36
by Ubya
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Hot Folder This post is topped Science equipment looking for a home (Pages:  1  2  3  ..  24) Dr.Bob Reagents and Apparatus Acquisition 593 212940
27-3-2020 at 12:48
by Dr.Bob
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Hot Folder Awful ETN yields (Pages:  1  2) LardmanAttack Energetic Materials 36 1343
27-3-2020 at 09:28
by twelti
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Folder Success: Pressure from pirani gauge: Inficon PSG500 Heptylene Reagents and Apparatus Acquisition 7 87
27-3-2020 at 09:25
by Heptylene
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Folder Boffis Miscellaneous 7 449
27-3-2020 at 06:45
by Texium (zts16)
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Folder Preparation of Thalidomide karlos³ Prepublication 7 746
27-3-2020 at 06:20
by Tsjerk
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Folder Report on making cerium sulfate Lion850 Chemistry in General 1 46
27-3-2020 at 03:01
by Bedlasky
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Folder Synthesis of Potassium chromate and dichromate from Chromic oxide vibbzlab Chemistry in General 1 63
27-3-2020 at 02:42
by sciece nerd
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Folder azelaic + pelargonic acids from oleic acid, C=C double bound cleavage using H2O2 as oxidizer, H2WO4 catalyst Fery Organic Chemistry 3 71
27-3-2020 at 02:10
by j_sum1
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Folder sad.gif Problem in synthesising Nickel Sulfate vibbzlab Chemistry in General 10 182
27-3-2020 at 01:22
by RogueRose
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Hot Folder This post is topped Permanganates (Pages:  1  2  3  ..  17) DerAlte Chemistry in General 404 214235
27-3-2020 at 01:03
by HeYBrO
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