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"Chemical" Substitutions for "Biological" Agents
Apologies Iv4. I miss read your post last night (too much to drink and too little sleep). I thought ...
6-6-2003 at 04:56
by: Lugh
"Chemical" Substitutions for "Biological" Agents
Cows and their ilk use a system of several stomachs to digest grass slowly over an extended period o ...
5-6-2003 at 18:13
by: Lugh
Toxic or Poisoning Substances
Atropine depresses the parasympathetic NS and excites the sympathetic NS, it is used in predoseing b ...
5-6-2003 at 05:23
by: Lugh
optical properties of polloit solution
this might be a stupid question to some but... what is "polloit solution"?
is the spellin ...
23-5-2003 at 12:23
by: Lugh
Covalent Bonds and Quantum Physics Stuff
from what i can remember, in the case of boron it would try to get 3 more electrons from somewhere e ...
7-5-2003 at 16:17
by: Lugh
Or to put it another way. Its when the forward rate of the reaction is equal to the reverse rate. i. ...
6-5-2003 at 12:54
by: Lugh
solvent system for TLC separation of coffee extract?
you could try 30-40% MeOH in water. it works well for the separation of a lot of compounds using TLC ...
2-5-2003 at 10:39
by: Lugh

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